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Cod offart55Hector

Cod offart59Zead

A Priest Who Has Come To Purify This Land
(Hector walks toward the Fairy I.D Tombstone)

Hector: This unearthly power... Is it coming from that tombstone? Heh, how conscientious of him. He carved the instructions into stone, along with the most difficult visualization. So, that's how badly he wants me to regain my powers... Very well.
(Hector enchants the spell)
Hector: Heed my words, O great powers of darkness! Release to me one of the tortured souls! Let me infuse him with my life-force and awaken him to the world of the living! Immaculate being... Appear before me now.
(Hector blasts the Fairy statue with a shot of energy from his hands. The Fairy Innocent Devil stretches as if woken from a long sleep and dashes to Hector's side. Hector watches as the Fairy circles round him then dashes away)
Zead: (claps) Well, well, devil forging, isn't it? Never seen that before. Quite impressive. It's enough to make your blood run cold.
Hector: Who are you?
Zead: Ah, my apologies, m'lord. I should have offered an introduction. I go by Zead. I'm here for one purpose only: to purify this land of the pestilent curse which infects it.
Hector: I see.
Zead: You, on the other hand, are pursuing the other devil forgemaster... are you not?
Hector: ...
Zead: The one you seek fled toward the chapel on the other side of the mountain. He made his escape through the back of the castle.
Hector: What concern is this to you?
Zead: He is the one protecting the curse. Ergo, he is an impediment to me... and to all those who abide in this land.
Hector: I see. Very well. I, Hector, thank you for your help. Now if you'll forgive me, I must be on my way.

(Hector walks away)


3. Curse of Darkness- Devil forging

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Abandoned Castle (Outer Wall)
Background Music: Devil Forging
When: Upon entering the Fairy Devil Forge
Cod offart55Hector

Cod offart59Zead StgermainSaint Germain

Hector Interrupts a Meeting in the Aqueduct
(Hector walks down the waterway and suddenly notices Zead looking off to the side by the edge of the waterway)

Zead: (slightly surprised) Ah, I'm pleased to see you are unharmed.
Hector: Did you think me dead?
Zead: I saw him earlier... I feared that perhaps...
Hector: I came too late then. Which way did he go?
Zead: Along this path lies a forest. He went there. Probably making his way to the village on the other side.
Hector: And what of your mission? To purify this land and remove the curse?
Zead: Yes, the curse. In the end, it is all Isaac; he is the source of this pestilence. He...
(Zead looks round as if suddenly distracted by something)
Zead: Ah, how could I forget? There is a matter I must attend to. By your leave.
(Zead walks away while Hector turns round to watch him. Saint Germain slowly appears behind Hector)
Hector: You again?
Saint Germain: Oh, it's you. (laughs) I was expecting someone else... You spoke with him, didn't you?
Hector: And why should I answer to you?
Saint Germain: Perhaps you'll accept my advice, then. You would do well to avoid... him. Do not be drawn in by his words...
Hector: Your advice is neither solicited, nor welcome. I will use any means necessary to achieve my revenge.
(Hector holds up his fist)
Saint Germain: You've been warned. I would like to speak with you further, but I must track him down quickly. He is the one being who is beyond my recollection. Goodbye for now.

(Hector watches as Saint Germain teleports away)


8. Curse of Darkness- Mortvia Aqueduct

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Mortvia Aqueduct
When: Shortly after entering Mortvia Aqueduct
Cod offart55Hector

Cod offart59Zead StgermainSaint Germain

A Squabble in the Forest
(Hector walks the forest)

Saint Germain: That is why I am telling you this.
Hector: Voices?
(Hector notices a conversation up ahead and quickly steps behind a tree)
Hector: Who could it be?
(Camera shows Saint Germain talking to Zead in the distance)
Zead: Do not go beyond your bounds! You mustn't speak nor act upon matters related to fate. You had better refrain from saying anything unsuitable.
Saint Germain: That is correct of course. But what about you? Is it not ludicrous for you to be. guiding a traveler in there circumstances?
Zead: I am merely lending assistance to one who is seeking what he already desires. It is the same with the curse.
Saint Germain: That's ridiculous. You have different rules for yourself--
Zead: This discourse is at an end.
(Zead whips his hand downward, slides out a blade from under his right sleeve, and approaches Saint Germain)
Zead: I cannot have you interfering any longer.
(Zead tries to strike Saint Germain. Saint Germain quickly teleports behind Zead. Zead looks behind him angrily and runs then strikes at him three times again, but Saint Germain quickly dodges each attack then teleports away from the third strike)
Saint Germain: I will keep returning... until the day you finally surrender.
(Saint Germain tips his hat and smiles with content then teleports away shortly before Zead strikes at him)
Zead: (angrily) No one escapes from me!
(Zead strikes the area in front of him with his blade, opens a portal with a purplish glow as the blade tears through thin air and steps through the portal as it fades behind him. Hector steps out from the back of the tree that he was hiding behind as his eyes show a look of shock)
Hector: So, those two are enemies...

(Hector curiously looks onward)


9. Curse of Darkness- Zead vs Germain

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Forest of Jigramunt
Background Music: Those Who Desire the Resurrection
When: Upon entering the Forest of Jigramunt
Cod offart55Hector

Trevor2FTTrevor Cod offart56Isaac Cod offart59Zead

Trevor Hunts the Devil Forgemaster
(Isaac and Trevor are engaged in a battle as Hector enters. Trevor dodges the first strike but Isaac manages to scratch him across the chest with the side of a blade at the end of his Chauve-Souris. Trevor retaliates by latching his whip round Isaac's spear thereby locking it in place for a second)

Trevor: You are not without skill.
(Trevor throws up Isaac's spear and quickly kicks him away. Abel dashes toward Trevor from the air, but Trevor quickly tosses throwing knives at Abel making him fall back. Isaac looks toward Trevor with a look of disgust as the two prepare to battle once more. Trevor strikes his whip toward Issac and the whip latches onto the Chauve-Souris. He pulls Isaac to the left then jerks him to the right, causing Issac to fall to his knees. Isaac looks toward Trevor with a look of hate as he swings his whip toward him. He backflips away as the whip strikes the ground, breaking the concrete. Trevor strikes again but Isaac quickly flips to the side as Trevor's whip misses and plows up concrete once again. Isaac lands next to his spear and quickly rolls toward it narrowly missing another whip strike. Isaac grabs the spear)
Isaac: Ha! You vanquished Lord Dracula by a fluke, a mere twist of fortune. Yet I grant, you are adept. (looks to the side) Hector?
(Isaac rushes toward Trevor and tries to hit him with the side of his spear. He kicks Trevor's chest as he blocks the attack, and spins his spear and backs off)
Isaac: I need not linger here any longer. I've gotten what I need. But mark me well... I will slay both of you, without fail. Without fail...
(Isaac fades away)
Trevor: So he escaped... He fled when he saw you. There can be no doubt of it, then. You are indeed his enemy.
Hector: Just as I told you when we first met.
Trevor: Be that as it may, I am the one who shall vanquish him. Your meddling is unwelcome. Leave him to me.
(Trevor walks away)
Zead: Pity. How unfortunate. Such a rare opportunity. Squandered...
Hector: On the contrary. To obtain the vengeance I seek, Isaac must be slain by my hand alone. Ergo, nothing was lost.
Zead: Think you so? Then you shall be glad to know where he is bound.
Hector: And where might that be?
Zead: The castle ruins where we first met. Do you remember the place?
Hector: How could I forget?
Zead: Well said. At the top of those ruins, there is a hidden chamber. It's there you shall find him.
Hector: Then that is where I must go. Ah, I'd almost forgotten... Saint Germain gives you his regards.
Zead: (curious) Saint Germain, you say? Did you meet him in the clock tower?
Hector: Just so. He pledged he would no longer interfere in this matter.
(Zead holds up hand and walks to the side trying to deny what he heard)
Zead: It cannot be. No, that is not possible... I must make haste to complete the final touches. I beg your leave. Adieu.

(Zead rushes off quickly. Hector watches suspiciously as Zead departs)


14. Curse of darkness- Trevor vs Isaac

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Aiolon Ruins
Background Music: Followers of Darkness -The Third-, Isaac vs Trevor
When: Upon entering the room in the far northeast of Aiolin Ruins
Cod offart55Hector

Julia LaforezeJulia Cod offart59Zead

Denying the Curse
(Isaac's Laser Blade flies through the air as Isaac is thrown to the ground. Isaac falls with screaming. Hector rushes toward Isaac in a fit of rage and anger, holding his Laser Blade)

Hector: Die, Isaac! DIE!
(Hector suddenly realizes what he is about to do as a reminder of what Julia said earlier phases through Hector's mind as he comes to his senses)
Julia: Do not let the curse take hold of you! I'm certain that she would not wish you to pay such a price for your revenge.
(Hector lowers the sword while speaking)
Hector: This murderous impulse... This thirst for bloody vengeance... This is not me... T'is the curse! Dracula's curse!
(Hector buries about his hands as Dracula's flaming red eyes are shown above him)
Zead: (claps) Oh-ho, and you would not fall prey to the curse. Praiseworthy, indeed. I wonder why. Was your desire for vengeance weak? Or was your spirit strong? No matter, either way, t'is well finished. Your efforts have been a great boon to me. The moment you wavered was all I needed.
(The coffin lifts Isaac and shuts, floats back under the floor as Hector raises his head to watch. Hector turns his head round)
Hector: Zead! So, you're the one behind all of this!
Zead: You could say that.
Hector: You used me to revive Lord Dracula!
Zead: Even so. Devil forgemasters alone are suffused in my master's magic. Thus, only a devil forgemaster can be the vessel for his reawakening. I knew you would be the best... material. (snorts) Yes, much more so than Isaac. That is why I guided you here. So that you may fully regain your powers.
Hector: Who are you?
Zead: However, for Lord Dracula to be reborn in you, the curse had to take hold of you. When you rejected the curse, you proved to be useless. Truly, t'is most unfortunate.
(Zead whips his hand downward as the familiar blade from earlier slides out from under his right sleeve)
Hector: (shocked) That weapon... You are none other than... Death!
(Zead is shown swinging a scythe as Hector realizes his true form through the priest disguise)
Zead (Death): Soon, my master will enter Isaac's body. Though you were favored, Isaac will do. Dracula will once more walk the night! And as of you, it is time for you to die!

(Black vapours rise from round Zead as he stands with his scythe while preparing to shed his false disguise)


20. Curse of Darkness- Death

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Dracula's Castle 7F
Background Music: Confrontation -The Second-
When: After defeating Isaac

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