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Yoko Belnades
Japanese name
Yōko Verunandesu (Yoko Belnades)
Date of birth
2011 (allegedly)
24 in 2035[1] (Aria of Sorrow)
25 in 2036 (Dawn of Sorrow)
26 in 2037 (Kabuchi no Tsuisoukyoku)
English voice
Karen Strassman (Harmony of Despair)
Japanese voice
Hiroko Takahashi (Aria of Sorrow)
Ao Takahashi (Dawn of Sorrow, Harmony of Despair)
Genya Arikado (acquaintance)
Soma Cruz (friend)
Music theme
A Fleeting Respite (Dawn of Sorrow)
Aquarius (Harmony of Despair)
"Be who you are..."
—Yoko to Soma Cruz, in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Yoko Belnades is a descendant of the Belnades Clan and a powerful witch, similar to her ancestor Sypha Belnades. She is very close to Mina Hakuba, the daughter of the owner of the Hakuba Shrine, and is like an older sister to her. She performs tasks for the Roman Catholic Church in their search for Dracula and the remainder of his powers.

Character's historyEdit

Castlevania: Aria of SorrowEdit

Yoko provides some information to the protagonist, Soma Cruz, when he first encounters her. She is already present in the castle when Soma arrives, giving him occasional aid and assistance. Eventually, Soma informs her that Graham Jones has revealed him he's the one who will receive Dracula's power and that Soma will not rule over the castle. After hearing this, Yoko heeds on in pursuit of Graham. However, the next time Soma meets her, she has just been stabbed by a furious Graham, who flees the scene at the sight of Soma. Yoko is treated by Genya Arikado and left in the front courtyard with Mina. She remains unconscious for the rest of the game until Soma is about to confront Chaos, at which point she and the rest of his friends speak to him telepathically to offer their moral support.

Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowEdit

Soma first meets Yoko along with Julius Belmont, the famed vampire hunter, near an elevated bridge in the Lost Village. After Julius performs a jump across the chasm and manages to get inside the castle, Yoko is forced to turn back with Soma. He escorts her to a safe place in the Lost Village where she teaches him how to use Magic Seals. She then creates a shop of sorts where Soma can change his weapons into more powerful forms by using the souls of the monsters he gains dominance over. Furthermore, she can release those same souls from Soma's dominance, allowing him to change their effects, decrease their power, and allowing him to gather new ones. At the end of the game, she jokingly laughs at an embarrassed Soma and Mina, along with the rest of the characters.


Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowEdit

Main article: Yoko Belnades/Dawn of Sorrow

When Julius Mode is unlocked, Yoko is a playable character in the game, found in the very same shop that she is during a normal game with Soma. She wields a small Staff that has slow attack, but the ability to regenerate health after every attack. Like most of the characters, she can jump, double jump, and has an impressive backflip that serves as her backslide. Furthermore, she can use three spells: Holy Flame that fires in front of her, a Blue Splash spell that sends five long spears of ice out in all directions, and a Holy Lightning assault that fires three charged balls of lightning at opponents.

Castlevania: Harmony of DespairEdit

Main article: Yoko Belnades/Harmony of Despair

Yoko has been released as downloadable character. She uses her staff to attack and has the three spells she had in Dawn of Sorrow. She is the only character so far to not have a Personal Skill, and she has no jump-kick similarly to Charlotte. The life steal from Dawn of Sorrow has been removed, as well.


  • Towards the end of Dawn of Sorrow, when Soma enters the Pinnacle, many of the succubi in the area disguise themselves as Yoko. They will knee Soma if he comes too close, only assuming their real form once he attacks them.
  • By using the Gorgon glitch, it's possible for Soma to obtain 100% map discovery without Yoko being stabbed by Graham. By entering the room from the left, the event will not be triggered.


  1. Page 23, the Japanese manual of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

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