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With Lights Base

With Light's base

With Light is a cult founded by Celia Fortner. It believes that for there to be ultimate good, there must be an ultimate evil. To this end, it seeks to resurrect the Dark Lord Dracula, either by pushing his reincarnation Soma Cruz into succumbing to his true power or by killing him and inserting one of its own Dark Lord Candidates into the position.

After an attack on his and Mina Hakuba's life by Celia, Soma sets out to find With Light's castle headquarters and explores. He later meets Dario Bossi and Dmitrii Blinov, who attempt to kill him so that they can become the Dark Lord in his place. Dario is stripped of his powers and escapes, while Dmitrii and Celia are killed and their castle is destroyed. What becomes of With Light afterwards is unknown, though it is likely that the cult was disbanded or at least severely weakened after the death of Celia.

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