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The White Crystal is the first of three crystals found in Simon's Quest. According to the first person you can talk to, buying a white crystal should be the first thing you do in the town of Jova. It can be purchased for 50 Hearts. According to the instruction manual, it "offers a weakened source of magical power" and it allows you to see hidden platforms. You will need this item in order to be able to tell how to get into the first mansion of the game, Berkeley Mansion. It will allow you to see an invisible platform that moves up and down at the entrance to the mansion, making it a lot easier to enter. The White Crystal can be traded for a Blue Crystal from the crystal trader in the town of Aljiba, which has the same ability as the White Crystal, but also allows you to drain water areas to reach areas below.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: White Crystal
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
White Crystal Icon White Crystal - Simon's Quest [ edit ]
The White Crystal offers a weakened source of magic power. Simon Belmont 

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