The Were-Bear and Grizzly are enemies in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


Were-Bears are a type werebeasts that take the form of an anthropomorphic bear. They slowly walk forward and once they reach a certain distance from the player, they swipe forward with their powerful paws, inflicting considerable damage and sending the hero flying backward.

Grizzlies are a blue palette-swap with much higher stats. They start appearing once Death has been defeated and are generally found in the company of Alraunes. This combination can be dangerous, as an Alraune's web may make the hero get stuck in place, leaving them at the Grizzly's mercy.

Were-Bears and Grizzlies are quite resilient and several strikes may be necessary in order to put them down. Ranged attacks that inflict multiple hits, like those of the Crucifix, are recommended.

Another thing to keep in mind while fighting these enemies, is that since they knock the player backward, they may be sent out of the room, thus forcing them to start the battle all over again.

Both variants drop the valuable Strength Ring (STR +50), although the Grizzly has a slight higher chance of dropping it.

Were-Bear ワーベア 265 227
ATK DEF Location
250 140 Eternal Corridor, Chapel Tower
Common Drop Rare Drop
Cotton Robe (4%) Strength Ring (1%)
Resistance Darkness

Grizzly グリズリー 600 960
ATK DEF Location
380 200 Catacomb, Chapel Tower, Underground Warehouse
Common Drop Rare Drop
Strength Ring (1.5%) Spiced Meat (0.5%)
Resistance Darkness

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