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Weapons List from Castlevania games. (Dawn of Sorrow/Portrait of Ruin)


  • Vampire Killer (pre Whip's Memory) /Attack+10/ The whip started with at the beginning of the game before Jonathan can wield it.
  • Leather Whip /Attack+26/ Basic whip made of leather.
  • Steel Whip /Attack+41/ A whip made of steel.
  • Rose Stem Whip /Attack+77/ A whip that is covered in razor sharp thorns.
  • Medusa Whip /Attack+36/ A whip that turns all it strikes to stone.
  • Nebula /Attack+46/ A whip that homes in on evil.
  • Flame Whip /Attack+82/ A flame endowed whip.
  • Jet Black Whip /Attack+57/ A whip that irradiates dark energy.
  • Undead Killer /Attack+88/ A holy whip designed to slay the undead. (Red skeletons,Red Axe Armor,ect.)
  • Vampire Killer (post Whip's Memory) /Attack+103/ Legendary weapon of the Belmont family.


  • Knife /Attack+10/ Run-of-the-mill pocket knife.
  • Combat Knife /Attack+31/ Military issue, serrated knife.
  • Basilard /Attack+41/ A dagger with an I-shaped hilt.
  • Katar /Attack+62/ An Indian dagger.
  • Cinquedea /Attack+72/ A dagger decorated with jewels.

Short SwordsEdit

  • Short Sword /Attack+20/ A small and easy to wield sword.
  • Rapier /Attack+15/ A thin sword designed for thrusting attacks.
  • Fleuret /Attack+19/ A short sword with a handguard.
  • Cutlass /Attack+26/ A sailor's short sword.
  • Main Gauche /Attack+23/ A sword that boosts defense as well as attack.
  • Small Sword /Attack+27/ A sword designed for beginners.
  • Long Sword /Attack+36/ An average long sword.
  • Estoc /Attack+30/ A fencing blade.
  • Gladius /Attack+41/ An ancient Roman sword.
  • Whip Sword /Attack+34/ A sword who's blade has whip-like properties.
  • Garian Sword /Attack+38/ An articulated sword used in executions.
  • Kris Naga /Attack+42/ A beautifully crafted damask sword.
  • Milican's Sword /Attack+51/ A sword that turns creatures to stone.
  • Rahab's Frost /Attack+51/ An icy sword forged of the fang of Rahab, the water-dragon.
  • Agni's Flame /Attack+51/ Fiery blade of the fire god, Agni.
  • Nebula /Attack+49/ A holy sword-like chain with a will of it's own.
  • Fragarach /Attack+30/ A demonic, cross shaped sword.
  • Hrunting /Attack+34/ A horrific sword with venom in it's blade.
  • Mystletain /Attack+27/ A sword hewn from the wood of a divine tree.
  • Joyeuse /Attack+38/ An extravagant sword that raises the wielder's luck.
  • Assassin Blade /Attack+67/ A poisoned blade wielded by assassins.
  • Burtgang /Attack+53/ A divine sword tat protects it's wielder.
  • Kaladbolg /Attack+60/ A demonic sword tempered by fairies.
  • Heaven's Sword /Attack+41/ A demon-slaying sword wielded by an angel.
  • Bakatwa /Attack+88/ A simple, yet effective sword.
  • Jagdplaute /Attack+93/ A deadly and elegant sword.
  • Damascus Sword /Attack+113/ A sword that can never be dulled.
  • Valmanway /Attack+34/ The sword who's name means "Blessed Wind".
  • Stellar Sword /Attack+88/ The sword of the legendary Maxim Kischine.
  • Alucard's Sword /Attack+49/ The favored sword of Alucard.

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