War Fatigues (also called Soldier Fatigues or Combat Fatigues) are sturdy clothes made for military use.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: War Fatigues
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Castlevania CotM equipment-soldier fatigues Soldier Fatigues (Military Uniform) - Circle of the Moon [ edit ]
Fatigues normally worn by soldiers Body (Clothes)
DEF +120, STR +50, LCK +10
Drop: Catoblepas, Franken
War Fatigues Icon War Fatigues - Harmony of Dissonance [ edit ]
Battle wear. Certain areas are reinforced for added protection. Body
Juste Belmont 
DEF +46, STR +8, INT +9
Find: Entrance (Castle B)
War Fatigues AoS Icon War Fatigues (Military Uniform) - Aria of Sorrow [ edit ]
Sturdy clothing made specially for the battlefield. Armor
DEF +15, STR +3 (...)
Sell: $800 
Buy: $1,600 Find: Hammer's Shop
Warfatigues War Fatigues - Dawn of Sorrow [ edit ]
Sturdy clothes made for military use. Armor
ATK +3 DEF +15, STR +3
Sell: $1,600 
Find: Demon Guest House
Combat Fatigues PoR Icon Combat Fatigues - Portrait of Ruin [ edit ]
A standard-issue military uniform. Body Gear (Armor)
DEF +10
Sell: $2,450 
Buy: $9,800 Find: Vincent's shop
Drop: Ghoul
Warfatigues War Fatigues - Harmony of Despair [ edit ]
Sturdy clothes made for military use. Chest (Clothes)
HP +3, DEF +10, INT +2
Sell: $2,075 
Rarity: **
Find: Chapter 6, 1 (Hard)