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Go sign up and play the game, but wait... It's Richter! If you played Rondo of Blood, this is the final stage), so i did the same thing strategy.

If not, then here's what you will do: Just kill him, if you received the Holy Water Sub-Weapon, use it. There is no way for you to die, if you did, you can never play SotN. If you defeat Dracula without being hit once or obtaining any sub weapon you will start out with better stats with Alucard.


Suggested Level: 1 (Duh, why not?)

Items: Pot roast, Turkey, Short sword, Red rust, Cube of Zoe

  1. Once you have beaten Dracula, read some stuff and you'll be in control of Alucard.
  2. You should be in the courtyard, there is a Warg in front of you.
  3. Use the square button to attack him (If you don't know the control and you're using an emulator, shame on you).
  4. Move into the next room. You should be in a dark room where another Warg is, then another one and after the second zombies will come from the ground.
  5. Then you should see 2 more Warg's, then you will find yourself in a big room with bats at the top.
  6. Go where there are lots of rocks and attack he front to get a Pot Roast (If it's yummy, go eat it).
  7. If you go down you will see lots of mermen. I train here until level 8. DON'T go in the water, it will drain your HP. If you have gotten to level 8 you might be low on HP, but you can use the pot roast.
  8. Continue to the next room to find 3 Warg's just hit them once to kill them.
  9. Then you should encounter Death who talks to you, he will then takes your weapons. "WHAT?!?!?!". You trained with the best equipment, yes.
  10. And don't forget to get a turkey before seeing death by the stairs (break the stairs).
  11. Then when you have talked with Death go to the next room and jump on the platforms (come on, play a little hopscotch).
  12. Then jump over the gap and into the next room.
  13. You will see a Bone scimitar, kill him and he will drop a short sword, equip the sword.

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