Lake of BodleyEdit

Before exiting the Town of Doina, make sure you have at least 2 Laurels (the more, the better). Go to the west of the last mansion to arrive to a lake. Equip the Red Crystal and kneel before the water to drain the water and reveal a path. Go down and exit to the left.

To the MansionEdit

In the cave, try to stay on the lower levels, as the upper parts aren't interesting and can be dangerous. Go left and jump on the moving platforms/blocks. The wall on the left can be destroyed with the Nail of Dracula or some Holy Water. You'll find a man that will upgrade your Morning Star to the ultimate weapon: the Flame Whip. But if you don't have the correct weapon, he won't give it to you. Once you're done, go back to the entrance of the cave, jump on the blocks to go upwards, and proceed to the left. Break down the walls blocking you and exit.

In the Debious Woods, kill the enemies and use Holy Water on the first blocks to discover a clue book. Go left and jump on the moving platforms above the water.

The Joma Marsh is divided in two areas: you start in the eastern part. Use the Laurels to cross the large pools of poison and reach the other side. If you have only two Laurels, try to cross the first pool without using one. The western section houses the next mansion. Going to the west is useless, as the large pool of poison will likely kill you. And if you reach the end, you'll end up in the cemetery, and you'll have to go back all the way. Not a good idea.

Laruba MansionEdit

The first part of the mansion isn't interesting, so proceed to the right and take the various stairs until you reach the eastern part of the mansion.

Once there, go upwards to find an Oak Stake merchant: purchase one. Go back to where you where and drop down until you find another man: he will give you free Laurels, so take this opportunity to stock some. Go right and jump above the spikes to reach the second boss.


Carmilla drops bloody tears to the ground: you can block the blood projections on the ground with your shield. The best weapon against her is Death's Golden Knife: wait for her to be at your level and throw a knife to her. She isn't difficult and will drop the Magic Cross when defeated. You can use Laurels to avoid being damaged during the fight, but don't ignore her as you need the Cross.

Go right and use an Oak Stake on the crystal ball to get Dracula's Ring, the final relic. Go back and restock your Laurels if needed. It's a good time to train Simon and reach level 5 if you can and have the time. If not, exit the mansion.

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