Town of DoinaEdit

Go back to the entrance of Bodley Mansion. Proceed to the right and you'll find yourself in Wicked Ditch. Kill the enemies before they circle you and exit to the right to arrive to the Town of Doina.

Doina is the last town to feature a church, so restore your health for the final battle. You can buy some Laurels too, but if you restocked at Laruba Mansion, you won't need to buy new ones. Exit to the right.

To the MansionEdit

The North Bridge shouldn't be a problem: watch out for Mermen and you'll be fine. Proceed to the right. In Dora Woods, very powerful enemies await you, so be careful not to get hit. Once in the middle of the woods, take the lower path: the upper one leads to nothing interesting (East Bridge and Denis Marsh). You will waste time exploring them.

So take the stairs and proceed to the right to reach the final town of the game. This town is completely abandoned, and there's nothing to do here. Exit this ghost town to the right.

You'll arrive in the Vlad Graveyard: jump over the big white tombstones and kill the enemies before they can surround you. exit to the right. The final bridge is in front of you, but you can't jump on it. To break the entrance to the West Bridge, you need to use the Magic Cross (from Carmilla) on the blocks. The zone is as empty as the last town, so cross it and exit to the right.


Welcome to Castlevania. The castle is very small and you'll find no creature to fight here. Proceed to the right and break the blocks to enter the castle. Climb down the stairs and you'll arrive in front of a gap: if you drop down, you'll never be able to come back, it is a point of no return. If you are not ready, go back to train or buy more equipment.

If you are ready, drop down and continue descending through the castle. You'll eventually reach Dracula's chamber at the bottom of the castle. Simon will put the five relics on the altar, and Dracula will return from the dead. The final battle starts now!


Different strategies can be applied to this fight.

  • If you want to kill Dracula easily and quickly, throw Sacred Flames at him as soon as he appears to block him. You will kill Dracula before he can escape and attack you.
  • If you want a true final battle that is challenging, wait for him to start moving. Dracula will throw nail-like projectiles to you: stay in the corner and throw Golden Knives at him. You can also time your jumps and use the whips, even if this technique is dangerous.

Once the evil Count is no more, you will access one of the three endings of the game, depending on how long you took to finish the game. Congratulations!

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