Stage 16Edit

You can find an Axe sub-weapon near in one candle at the beginning of the stage. The first section consists in a long bridge filled with Giant Bats: taking your time to kill them is a bad option, as it'll cost you a lot of time and precious health!

Instead, rush to the left without stopping. If you jump at the right time, you'll avoid the fireballs and enemies, and reach the other side without problem. You can also wait for enemies to move a little before going ahead if you're not sure about what to do. Enter the tower once you're done with this pretty easy section.

Stage 17Edit

This section is much harder than the previous one. Kill the Skeletons as you enter and climb the stairs. You'll reac a large room filled with enemies. Kill the skeleton at the top and go to the left. There, Eagles drop Hunchbacks everywhere. This section is a bit random, as Hunchbacks' behavior is difficult to understand.

The best way to pass this section is to rush to the bottom of the tower and to take the stairs as fast as possible. You can take a damage and use the temporary invincibility to pass the enemies. Avoid falling into the pit and take the stairs.

Next room is about the same: you need to go left and take the stairs. You'll be vulnerable on the stairs, but you won't fall if hit by an eagle. Quickly proceed to the left and exit the tower.

Stage 18Edit

Dracula awaits you in his tower, so be prepared for the final battle. Note that if you die while fighting Dracula, you'll reappear at the bottom of the stairs, and not at the beginning of the level. Climb the stairs, take the Hearts in the candles and go to the left. Dracula appears!

His first form isn't very difficult to beat. You need to jump over the fireballs he launches and whip his head (his weak spot). A good timing is needed, but it's quite simple to do. You can destroy his fireballs with your weapons too. Always try to position yourself as Dracula starts to appear and this first phase will be over soon.

After his head goes flying, Dracula returns as a terrifying monster. If you have the Holy Water sub-weapon, feel free to spam it on Dracula to block him, and use your whip to damage him. If you don't have it, you can use your sub-weapon (especially the Cross and Axe) and your whip to attack Dracula. Go back when he advances and try to pass under him when he does a great leap in the air (he uses it frequently when you're blocked in a corner). Dracula has a lot of health and can deal a lot of damage: the fight will be long.

Once Dracula is dead, Simon escapes the castle and the credits start to roll! Congratulations, you have won!

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