Stage 10Edit

After a long fall, you end up in a cave. Be careful, as bats will keep coming from outside from the screen. Jump on the moving platforms, and try to jump as soon as possible on the next one to avoid the Merman that jump out of the water. Kill the enemies and proceed to the right.

Drop down on the next moving platform when it arrives near to you. Crouch to pass under the rock formation. Jump on the next platforms, avoid the Bats and take the stairs to exit the cave.

Stage 11Edit

This section is just a long alley to another castle entrance. No obstacle await you. However, lots of eagles and hunchbacks will attack you. The eagles will drop hunchbacks without stopping, so kill them even before they touch the ground, and keep advancing to the right. Enter the castle as soon as you arrive.

Stage 12Edit

Two Bone Dragons are keeping the boss room. They can take a few hits before dying. You can destroy their fireballs by whipping them. Try to use several consecutive attacks on their heads: this way, they'll be blocked and you can unleash several hits. They drop lots of Hearts upon death, so be sure to stock. Advance to the right until the boss fight starts.

The Creature itself isn't very dangerous, but its partner Igor can make your life very frustrating. Igor is invincible, leaps everywhere and shoots fireballs, but can be stopped a few seconds if hit by a sub-weapon or the whip. The Creature only walks left or right, but will inflict damage if it touches you.

As soon as you arrive, whip Igor and use everything you have on the Creature, especially Holy Water and your whip. Avoid Igor and try to hit it to be able to attack the Creature freely. The best strategy is to try to take out the Creature as fast as possible to destroy Igor, as the little imp is the real threat. Take the crystal ball to end the stage.

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