Stage 7Edit

You can find a Holy Water sub-weapon at the beginning of the stage. A Ghost and some Hunchbacks will attack you, so wait for them to come closer and use your whip our sub-weapon to kill them. If needed, some meat can be found in the second platform above: jump and attack with the whip to obtain it. A Skeleton awaits at the end of the first corridor. Take care of it and climb the stairs.

Climb to the top, use Holy Water to kill the skeleton down, and jump to the right. Wait for the Crow to approach you to take care of it. Always kill the enemies before jumping to the next platform. Don't go down but jump from platform to platform, and use the stairs to continue. Exit by the door.

Stage 8Edit

The two next segments can be very frustrating. Take the big heart in the first candle and go to the right. You should be able to keep advancing while avoiding the Medusa Heads without stopping. Quickly take the stairs, don't bother killing the skeletons, and you'll be safe.

Once on the next floor, crows and Bone Heads will attack you. Don't forget to use your Holy Water and whip to stop the fireballs. Try to kill the Bone Heads as soon as possible or they may kill you. Once everything is dead, go to the right and take the door.

Stage 9Edit

This section is just a long bridge, but several enemies and the boss await you, so be prepared! Try to understand the timing of the crows and whip them before they hit you. Kill the skeletons while they jump, so they won't throw bones at you. Be sure to kill them before jumping to the next platform. Timing is crucial here. Two Bone Heads await before the boss: keep using the same technique to defeat them. You'll eventually reach the boss.

The Mummies are very easy to defeat. Simply stay on the platform and whip them as they approach. Once one of them is dead, you can drop down and take care of the last one. Take the ball they drop to end the level.

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