Wai Wai Bingo (ワイワイビンゴ?) is a medal game released by Konami in 1993 in Japan.[1]


This bingo game features Konami mascot characters like Kid Dracula from Akumajō Special: Boku Dracula-kun, Goemon and Ebisumaru from the Ganbare Goemon series, Vic Viper and Moai from the Gradius series, Light and Pastel from the TwinBee series, Takosuke from the Parodius series, and Penta from Antarctic Adventure.



Wai Wai Bingo - 01

Wai Wai Bingo - 01

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  1. Wai Wai Bingo and Wai Wai Jockey reference article in Hatena::Diary.

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