Strategy Edit

The Void Sword is primarily a defensive weapon. Although it deals minimal damage, the sword can make you virtually invincible in combat if you use it correctly. By using a leveled-up void sword while your health is at least three quarters full, you can afford to take damage since you will regain a significant portion of health with each attack. This strategy is especially useful on the Prince of Darkness difficulty.

The void sword is also an incredibly useful tactical weapon due to it's freezing ability. Don't be afraid to use void projections or moves such as blizzard or the upgraded drop-and-perforation to freeze enemies in their tracks and temporarily take them out of the battle. Once they're frozen, either concentrate on the more powerful enemies or switch to either the shadow whip of chaos claws to deal more damage to the frozen enemy. Keep in mind that enemies that are frozen will slowly lose health on their own over time. Also, don't forget that you can also freeze most of the bosses. This works incredibly well on Raisa, Carmilla, and Agreus.

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • Replenishes Health with each strike.
  • Has the ability to temporarily freeze enemies on their tracks.
  • Frozen enemies slowly lose health over time.
  • Excellent defensive and strategic weapon.
  • Possesses decent range.
  • Extinguishes fires on doors or passage ways
  • Extinguishes enemies that are on fire

Cons Edit

  • Deals minimal-to-moderate damage, depending on mastery level.
  • Limited Use
  • Cannot generate blood orbs in combat.
  • Cannot destroy enemy shields and Armor.

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