For the Lords of Shadow character, see Vincent Dorin (Lords of Shadow).

Vincent Dorin is a priest who also acts as a merchant due to his rural church supposedly running low on money. He recognizes Jonathan on sight by his whip and is amazed to be in the presence of the owner of the legendary Vampire Killer.


Official background

"A priest who acts as your guide. Not the courageous type. Runs the store."

The duo encounters him on the first area of the Castle Entrance, wherein he recognized Jonathan wielding the Vampire Killer whip, and Charlotte as a mage when he mentioned of a rumor about her fame, which embarrassed the former. He then went inside the castle ahead of them.

During the course of the game (in an event triggered by entering his shop after defeating Death in the Tower of Death), he gets bitten by a vampire, giving the player the choice to either cure him or let him be consumed by vampirism.

Although he promises to lower the price of his stock if the player cures him ("I'll lower the price... I'll lower the price!") he does no such thing upon being cured. Curing him or not merely changes his dialogue in the good ending.


Use Items:

Key Items:


  • The player is able to attack Vincent while he is under the effects of vampirism. Attacking him more than five times will cause him to run towards the door and disappear from the room. However, he will return if the player simply revisits the room.