For the Lords of Shadow character, see Victor Belmont (Lords of Shadow).

Victor Belmont is the alternative protagonist of the canceled Sega Dreamcast game Castlevania: Resurrection. He escaped his destiny of facing Count Dracula in 19th century England. However, when Dracula's Castle appears in the year 1666, he is transported to that time and is taken under Sonia Belmont's wing (also time-displaced) and faces Count Dracula.

Character's historyEdit

A wandering gambler and soldier of fortune, Victor chose not to accept the Belmont legacy as a Vampire hunter by running away from home at an early age. During his travels, Victor learned not just the art, but the science of warfare, all the while attempting to avoid his true destiny in the petty politics of 19th century Europe. But the blood of the Belmont clan cannot be ignored forever, and Victor would eventually return to the land of his birth, a rebel and outcast.

In a certain night during 19th century, Victor has a quarrel with another man when gambling. Just as Victor pulls out a knife, he was mysteriously transported to the year 1666 by an unknown force.[1]


  • Victor Belmont is the second hero of the cancelled game Castlevania: Resurrection.
  • It is interesting to note that Victor refused to accept his destiny as a Belmont, which would be the reason for their disappearance in the 1800s, had Castlevania: Resurrection never been cancelled, as well as Castlevania Legends being retconned from the official canon timeline.


For additional artwork, please visit Victor Belmont Artwork.


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