Professor Abraham Van Helsing is a renowned vampire hunter who appears in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel, Dracula. He has extensive knowledge on the existence of vampires in the real world, and lacking the physical prowess to take action by himself due to his age, acts as a mentor to the other protagonists in their search to stop Count Dracula.

Although the novel works as reference for one of the characters in the Castlevania storyline (Quincy Morris), no references to Van Helsing have ever been made in any Castlevania games or related media. Therefore, it remains impossible to determine his existence or relevance in the series.



  • While Abraham Van Helsing has never been referenced in any Castlevania game, the character Charlie Vincent may have been inspired by him, as both are elderly vampire hunters with an extensive knowledge about the forces of evil and how to fight them, but lack enough physical prowess for direct combat, thus relegating them only as mentors for the heroes.
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    In the video game Van Helsing (unrelated to Castlevania or Konami), based on the 2004 movie starring Hugh Jackman, the character Gabriel Van Helsing inspects a book that talks about the Belmont Clan.
  • In the sequel to Dracula, Dracula the Un-dead, which takes place 25 years after, an elderly Abraham Van Helsing reveals to Quincey Harker (son of Jonathan Harker and Mina Murray) and Arthur Holmwood (from the first novel) that it was he who gave their story to Bram Stoker as a sort of guide to future generations who may encounter the undead. Van Helsing reveals himself as a newly turned vampire and attacks the protagonists. He is shot with a crossbow and tackled out of a window by Arthur, where they both fall to their deaths.

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