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Valkyries are divinities from Norse mythology. They are described as beautiful women wearing armor with white wings, often compared to swans, and are sometimes described as being able to transform into swans. Their duties are to go to battlefields, reap the souls of the valiant warriors and guide them to Valhalla, where they serve them mead and food.

Game-Specific InformationEdit

Aria of SorrowEdit

Valkyries are seen throughout Castlevania, and mostly populate the Inner Quarters along with the Persephones. The valkyries wear Norse Helmet, Norse Armor and Norse boots, with a long loincloth covering their lower body. They prefer to attack by lunging their lance towards Soma. Obtaining a valkyrie's soul enables Soma to summon her as a Red Bullet Soul. When summoned, a Valkyrie covered in blue aura attacks by swinging her sword upwards. She is among the few souls that cast Holy damage to enemies, though she is among the highest class of damagers in the Bullet Soul Class.

Dawn of SorrowEdit

The Valkyrie returns to Celia's castle to face Soma. She is depicted as a girl with a pretty face but with a wicked heart. She is still decked out in a set of Norse armor with a white pair of angelic wings and attacks horizontally with a lunge of her lance. Her shield now has a symbol of a dragon on it.

The Valkyries can be found within the Guest House, although in Celia's castle they attack alongside the Liliths. They are also situated in the Dark Chapel. A defeated valkyrie occasionally drops a Breastplate and, strangely, also drops pancakes.

The Valkyires are fallen angels and it is hard for Soma to capture one with his Power of Dominance. But when successfully captured, the Valkyrie Soul allows Soma to summon Valkyrie as a Blue Guardian Soul, which transforms Soma into one of them, as long as the Guardian Soul is activated. When transformed, it costs 30 MP per second to maintain this state. While in this state, the valkyrie attacks by charging in a straight line, uncontrollably hitting all within range with Holy-type damage. The transformed valkyrie abandons her helmet and allows her blue hair to flow while she charges at an enemy.

Soma can also allow Yoko to pry a valkyrie out and fuse her with either of two weapons, the Great Sword, or the Halberd. Upgrading the Great Sword allows Yoko to create the Durandal, a giant sword tempered by fairies (Great Sword Class), while upgrading the Halberd will create the Lance, a spear used by the knights (Spear Class).

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Valkyrie
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Valkyrie 42. Valkyrie  [ edit ]
Aria of Sorrow
A female warrior with pretty face and wicked heart. Strong: Holy
Weak: Sword Darkness, Poison, Curse
HP: 55
MP: 999
Exp: 80
Atk: 28
Def: 25
Common Drop: Partizan
Rare Drop: Iron Plate
Soul: Demon Cleaving Holy Sword
Inner Quarters, Clock Tower
DOS-Valkyrie 37. Valkyrie  [ edit ]
Dawn of Sorrow
A female warrior with a pretty face and a wicked heart. Strong: Holy
Weak: Piercing, Slashing, Dark, Poison
HP: 70
MP: 20
Exp: 90
Atk: 34
Timestop: ?
Common Drop: Breastplate (8%)
Rare Drop: Pancake (4%)
Soul: Valkyrie Form (0.5%)
The Dark Chapel, Demon Guest House


  • Valkyrie and Erinys are the only Souls to have Divine Properties.
  • It is unknown why beings with such a positive reputation would serve a Demon Lord. Charlotte Aulin explains that the castle's force bends supernatural creatures to its will easily, hinting that the valkyries travelled to Castlevania to claim the souls of deceased soldiers and vampire hunters and were trapped and corrupted by evil.

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