Alucard and Arcueid are two protagonists from both of their games. They share comparabilities. Of cource, they have differences, as well, which make me impressive. What do you guys think of them? Please give me a opinion about them.


  • Both are the descendants from the noble families (Alucard is the son of Count Dracula, and Arcueid is the Princess of the True Ancestors).
  • They are immortal vampires who possess special abilities.
  • They do not have any effect against sunlight.
  • They neither drink the blood of humans, nor attack them.
  • They suffer from the their blood curses.
  • They have blond hair.


  • Alucard is a dhampir, while Arcueid is not.
  • Alucard is a cold-blooded nobleman and pessimistic, but he is kind to some people (such as Maria Renard) otherwhile. Arcueid, however, is an ingenuous girl.
  • Alucard uses one-handed sword (named Alucard Sword) as his main weapon, while Arcueid uses her nails.
  • Alucard never falls in madness and fights against only the ones who related to his father (ex. The dark priest Shaft, Graham Jones, and other creatures from Dracula's army etc.). But Arcueid slashes everything (except for Shiki Tohno, since he is her lover) when she have got mad.


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