Me and two of my friends are creating a new Castlevania fangame. While I'm not sure what the title will be, the placeholder is "Rebirth of Blood". The story takes place about 100 or so years after Dawn of Sorrow. All but 1 Belmont remains. His wife and son were killed some time before, and, of course, the castle rises. Too old to fight, he prays to god, and brings back the now adult spirit of his son. His son soon finds out that Death and his apprentice are behind this, and after going through the castle, he kills Death's apprentice in the Clock Tower. He later fights Death in the Top Floor, who escapes to the throne room. Using Dominus and a host body, he plans to revive Dracula. You can choose whether to enter Dominus right away and kill Dracula's spirit, or pursue Death to the Forbidden Area. Choosing killing Dominus/Dracula leads to the bad ending, but if you choose Death, you will fight an evolved form of him. After defeating him, the Belmont goes to the Throne Room again, and enters Dominus. Now that it has almost been absorbed, it is much more powerful, and takes the solid form of Dracula, but is defeated. It falls apart, and takes its true form, the core of chaos, but is destroyed once more. That's the basic story, subject to change. The game will be stage-by-stage, saving the game every stage. Here is a list of the stages:

  1. Castle Courtyard
  2. Underground Garden (optional)
  3. Entrance
  4. Great Stairway
  5. Dungeon
  6. Abandoned Mine
  7. Skeleton Cave
  8. Coliseum
  9. Chapel
  10. Library
  11. Clock Tower
  12. Top Floor
  13. Throne Room
  14. Forbidden Area
  15. Dominus

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