Nathaniel Belmont

Nathaniel Belmont is the grandson of Julius Belmont and the current wielder of the Holy Whip. He is under the training of Curtis Lang, the now current wielder of the Vampire Killer. Nathaniel is much more powerful than his grandfather, and gets some of his power from his purple armor, which he wears on his hands (the "Purple Gauntlets"), his feet (the "Purple Boots"), his chest (the "Purple Plate"), and oddly, his face (the "Purple Mask"). Nathaniel looks much like Johnathan Morris, except with gray hair, a dark green coat, and purple armor. Nathaniel's current age is 20.

Ryuusei Muruke

Ryuusei Muruke, like Dmitrii and Dario, is a Dark Lord Candidate. He has inherited Dracula's ability to come back after death, however, Ryuusei loses his humanity a little more every time he is resurrected. Ryuusei wears a red coat, has very pale skin (after many deaths and rebirths), has black hair, and red eyes. After many deaths, Ryuusei has also gained dark powers. Ryuusei's current age is 34 (not counting previous lives) or 204 (counting previous lives).

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