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    Help with Controller Pak

    November 16, 2011 by Shadowmaster

    Sorry to be posting this here (XD), but I am in need of possible assistance with my Nintendo 64 controller pak, and I'm wondering if someone here is able to help. When I start up the system, it says "Controller pak abnormality", and gives the options "Proceed without saving", "Re-connect", and "Restore". Of course, I went with the latter two, both of which did nothing and just took me back to the menu. Sometimes, it started with "No CASTLEVANIA note", after which I created a note, which just took me to the abnormality menu. And, on occasion, it said "Controller pak has been changed. Reinsert and press A", after which it either just repeated after I pressed A or took me back to the menu. Is this normal? Is my controller pak defective, or is…

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  • Shadowmaster

    Gameplay Log

    November 1, 2011 by Shadowmaster

    This is a log of my playthrough through the Castlevania N64 game, Legacy of Darkness.

    Since I don't have a controller pak at the moment, I was unable to save. This made the levels much harder, as a single death cost me the level. I managed to make it to the Villa, but the game glitched when I entered Master Oldrey's room, forcing me to turn off the gaming system. The game has been enjoyable, but I really need a controller pak.

    The Foggy Lake has been the easiest level. It was more annoying than dangerous, mainly the mast navigation and the flooding boat provided the hardest problems for me. The mast was more so, since the ghosts would knock me off as well, plus a single drop would make me have to climb it again. The latter part of the level,…

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  • Shadowmaster

    I just finished the Battle Arena in Circle of the Moon. I have to say that the easiest rooms were the Fox Hunter and White Armor rooms. All I do is slide at the hunters, and boom, they're dead. The White Armors...these are a joke. All they do is point the beam forwards, so I just keep my distance, duck, and start whipping. The Skeleton room was easy, too, but the Electric Skeletons and just kow many Skellies there were ruined my concentration. Also, the Adionbarg and Hyenas were pretty easy, but I still had the risk of getting hurt, unlike the White Armors and hunters.

    The hardest room was definitely the Minotaur room. They're just so annoying, with their energy waves! I had to use the Mana Glitch with the Thunderbird summon just to beat th…

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  • Shadowmaster

    Shocking Discovery?

    April 24, 2010 by Shadowmaster

    One of my friends recently told me of a Schmoo possibly being in Dawn as a glitch. Whether this is true or not, I do not know. But I will be keeping an eye out for Dawn of Sorrow glitches.

    Speaking of glitches, one of the Succubus glitch items I discovered was actually one of the armors. However, when I equipped it, it automatically went to the Baselard, I think.

    Would you approve of me creating a glitch items page?

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  • Shadowmaster

    Upcoming Fangame

    March 20, 2010 by Shadowmaster

    Me and two of my friends are creating a new Castlevania fangame. While I'm not sure what the title will be, the placeholder is "Rebirth of Blood". The story takes place about 100 or so years after Dawn of Sorrow. All but 1 Belmont remains. His wife and son were killed some time before, and, of course, the castle rises. Too old to fight, he prays to god, and brings back the now adult spirit of his son. His son soon finds out that Death and his apprentice are behind this, and after going through the castle, he kills Death's apprentice in the Clock Tower. He later fights Death in the Top Floor, who escapes to the throne room. Using Dominus and a host body, he plans to revive Dracula. You can choose whether to enter Dominus right away and kill…

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