This page keeps track of the current Castlevania games that I'm playing and logs my progress.

Running Blog

Castlevania Chronicles

Arranged Mode

I've been playing some Castlevania Chronicles on my PS3 lately. Went to GameFaqs and learned a whole bunch of secrets I didn't know before and replayed the first four levels, making sure to get all those goodies I didn't know about before. I have to beat Arranged Mode again for the PS3 so I can unlock the level select mode. I suppose I might be able to buy a PS1 memory card adapter for the PS3 so I could use my old save, but then I wouldn't be as motivated to beat the game again. On original mode, I've been having trouble getting past Medusa, while on Arranged I just past her today. I just tried a clean run on original mode to see if I could start from Stage 1 and get to Medusa without any continues, but lost all my lives on the raft part. I figured out too late that the mermen could kill you from underneith the raft. Some other area's I've been having trouble with up until that point is getting the crown in the underground stage (bats hit me too much) and getting the item I actually want from the Horn-Playing Druid. I've been going after the Herb, but now that I think of it, I should probably try to get or keep the Stopwatch for that raft level.--Reinhart77 04:33, 26 August 2009 (UTC)

Original Mode

I picked up where I left off in my original mode game, that is, Medusa's stage. I had a hard time beating her in this mode and wasn't really planning on doing it. I just wanted to play the game to remind myself of what a classic Castlevania game felt like and what might be in store for the new Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth game. I kept imagining what it would be like playing as Christopher and using the fireball whip and seeing Adventure enemies all around the place. I'm glad I played this stage on arranged mode earlier and learned all the tricks, including the super secret room in block 2 past the fake wall at the base of the giant statue. I learned a few new things in that room, such as that the first candle you can hit is a Double Shot and to be sure not to hit it until you've collected a subweapon. I also learned that there's food in a hard to reach candle, but you better be careful if you want to grab it, lest you fall down and don't have enough time to climb the stairs to pick it up. After I earned an extra life after hitting some bloody skeletons, I realized that there's a lot of opportunities to collect a ton of points if you strike many skeletons at the same time, since point values multiply the more enemies killed in a single shot. I was determined to have an axe weapon when I reached block 3 to make killing those jumping skeletons a lot easier. However, an herb was dropped by a bat, so I had to pick it up. Thanks to that thing, I had no fear and defeated Medusa handily. Whew. I wanted to end it there, but I didn't want to waste an herb, so I tried to see how far I could get in the clock tower. Of course, I died by impaling myself on some glorious spikes in block 2 and then killed myself off to save the game. I don't think I've ever bean able to defeat the Werewolf on original mode, and am not sure how hard I'm going to try to do so. This might be the furthest I get *sigh*. I only hope that Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth is challenging, but doesn't have any bosses I simply can't beat like that werewolf, at least without offering an easier mode.--Reinhart77 06:20, September 14, 2009 (UTC)

Symphony of the Night (PS3)

Basilard Run

I haven't played this for a few days, but thought I'd add what I've been doing. PS3 is my new thing and I've only been playing CV games I can play on it for a while. It's rediculous that I bought SoTN when I have it for PS1 and Dracula X Chronicles, but I can't help enjoy the convenience of just turning on the PS3 with the controller and selecting the game at any time instead of having to dig around for it. This game is basically my "Basilard" run. When you get the Basilard early in the game near that cannon, it's really all you need for a while. Its rapid speed stabbing motion cuts anything that isn't too active to ribbons quickly. I'm trying to see how long into the game I can rely on it without using anything else (except maybe the occasional subweapon, haven't decided the "rules" for that yet). My current challenge is trying to kill the Spectral Sword in the cathedral with it. I'm using Holy Water to help me out, but I haven't managed it yet. I once almost got it, but then got to close to the dang door on the right and unwillingly entered it before I could finish the thing off. I just read in GameFAQs that the Basilard can be swung like a normal sword with a rolling motion. I'll have to give that a try.--Reinhart77 05:19, 26 August 2009 (UTC)

Man, I almost killed the spectral sword with just the Basilard. However, once I killed all its little swords, I no longer had any idea when it was going to move and when it would be safe to strike it, so it got me in the end. Maybe I should try leaving just one of its little swords alive before going for the middle one, so I can tell when its gonna stay still?--Reinhart77 06:18, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

Played the Basilard Run again. I skipped the Spectral Sword challenge, since I figured I got close enough and need to move on in the game. Didn't get too much trouble throughout the rest of the church level. Well, I was in pretty bad shape when I reached the boss bird, and figured I'd probably die (since I don't like taking medicine). I was shocked, however, when I found that I could duck a little bit in front of the bird and whack at it with the basilard while it was spewing flames forward. For some odd reason, it kept spewing flames over and over again without doing anything else, so I just continued to hit it with the basilard until it died. Wow, okay, I'll take that. Got my double jump and went to the save point in the Alchemy Lab past the warp room.--Reinhart77 05:46, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

Subweapon Run

I started a new run. The nice thing about the PSN Castlevania games as opposed to the Virtual Console games is that you can have many different games running at the same time. Sure, I could save the passwords for most the virtual console games, but that's hardly the "pick up and play" style I'm looking for (sigh). I decided to try out a new style of Subweapon run in SoTN. Here's the rules I came up with:

  • Normally, the only weapon you're allowed to use is a subweapon
  • There are three circumstances in which you are allowed to use attack magic spells
    • You do not have enough hearts to use the equipped subweapon

    • You have struck an enemy and confirmed that they are resistant to that subweapon by seeing that the damage dealt is only 1

    • You are in the middle of a boss battle
  • You may use transformation spells at any time
  • The left hand may only be a bare hand and it ordinarily can only be used in destroying candles
  • The only time the left hand is allowed to strike an enemy is if the stopwatch subweapon is being used
  • The only permissible object in the right hand is a shield or heart refreshing item
  • No other item may be equipped, unless they have some effect on hearts or subweapons
  • The only power up you are allowed to obtain is a heart max up
  • You must switch subweapons whenever you come across a new one
  • I haven't decided yet if familiars will be allowed, probably, since i'll probably need their help badly that far in the game if I continue like this

I've only had a couple points of difficulty in this mode so far. The ball and chain knight simply cannot be killed with Daggers, and that's what I had equipped on the way down and on the way back up, so I just had to jump over him, take a hit, and move past him. (on second thought, I probably could have defeated him with these rules if I drained my hearts and then used magic against him) I probably can't defeat the Doppelganger with only a Dagger and he's immune to magic attacks, so I'll probably have to "cheat" with him.--Reinhart77 06:18, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

When I fought the Doppelganger after running out of daggers (I hadn't been conserving them until the point where I die like before), I realized that Doppelganger could indeed be hit with spells. He only turns into mist when you first perform a spell. However, if you cast a spell while he is changing back from Mist to human form, the second spell will usually hit him. I then realized that it's pretty lame to have to exhaust your whole supply of hearts during a boss battle, where there's no chance to replenish them, only to then possibly exhaust your magic by my rules of play, so I decided that during boss battles it was okay to use magic whenever you want. Once that was established, beating the Doppelganer was a good possibility. It was fun turning him into mist on purpose and then getting off an easy shot with a dagger as he rematerialized. Casting spells left and right like that really mess up his rhythm. Then mix that up with a few back to back spirit summons, and he was history. I soon realized by the same logic of the boss battle, that using up your supply of hearts to kill and enemy who resists your type of subweapon, only so that you can use your spells or avoid simply running past him, was also lame. So I added a caveat that after striking an enemy with a subweapon once, and upon seeing it only dealt them 1 damage, you are then allowed use magic against it. That improved the gaming experience quite a bit.--Reinhart77 06:40, 28 August 2009 (UTC)

Tried to get to the clock tower. For some reason, I had some trouble getting past the second breakable bridge, so I never did get to it. I was in wolf form most the time, and chewed up the ghosts pretty good to conserve on hearts. I also found out that you can use the holy book while in wolf form, so that was pretty cool. --Reinhart77 05:46, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

Dracula's Curse

Alucard Run

I had my brother move the Wii from his room back to the living room so that I could play some of the virtual console titles as well. I am in the middle of an Alucard run right now. I am using the "OKUDA" name, which gives you Alucard from the start. I wonder what the relationship between Okuda and Alucard is anyway, or just who this Okuda guy is (probably a programmer or something - updated - this refers to game developer Yasuo Okuda). Of course, since this is an Alucard run, I'm banned from ever switching to use Trevor. I've been stuck in Dracula's Curse Stage 7A for several sessions now. I've rarely been this far in the game before without the Help Me name, so I'm glad I'm this far. What's annoying is that since I'm not using Help Me code and there isn't a database of Okuda passwords on the internet, if my brother decided he wanted to play and reset my game and I didn't bother to record the password, then I'm totally out of luck. I kept dying at the boss stage. The main reason I kept dying (other than that I'm not that good) is that I figured simply sitting on a safe overhang hitting the Mummys and Cyclops with a single downward shot would take too much time and the time would probably run out on me. Well, I finally tried this tactic after many failed attempts to do it quicker and more direct, and it actually worked pretty well. Then facing the flame demon with a full meter of health was a snap. It was really nice to see Alucard's fireballs effortly negating any fire the demon would send my way. I was then off to the main hall stage, which I played until I ran out of lives, but didn't try particularly hard in since I was content as to getting that far.--Reinhart77 06:34, 28 August 2009 (UTC)

Tried a more serious attempt in the castle entrance, or monastary, or whatever you want to call that level. It was kinda nice that there was a stopwatch on the collapsing bridge, since that's the only subweapon Alucard is allowed to equip. However, it didn't really seem to affect Death or his scyths too much or at all, I can't tell. I couldn't even get to Death's second form, so I'll have to try some more later.--Reinhart77 05:46, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

I didn't have the energy to try to beat Death, but also didn't have the energy to save my password and start on something new. So, instead, I tried a pacifist run with Alucard on the level I was on. It's a pretty interesting run since Alucard's goal is to get enough hearts to be able to fly around any enemies, and yet not get hit by any of them and not kill any of them. I think I made it to the third block after a few attempts. Its quite hard to simply jump over zombies with Alucard if there's another zombie or a bat nearby, so you gotta fly. The axe armors often land one hit on me since Alucard can't simply duck underneith their axes when they're thrown high, nor can he jump over them. And he can't simply fly up the stairs that they're guarding... Getting past slimes in narrow corridors is also pretty tough, you gotta hope they jump over you. It's also hard not to kill weak enemies when trying to hit candles, since Alucard throws three fireballs at once.--Reinhart77 04:31, September 4, 2009 (UTC)

Ok, I gotta take a break from the Alucard run, don't know if I'll ever beat death. Might as well record my password here:

Grant Run

Ok! Time to start a Grant run. I rarely play as him, but try a go with only him. Gotta enter that "FUJIMOTO" name and we're set. I died sadly several times on some jumps on the first level, since his jumps are hard to get used to. I never realized this before, but I guess he must be the first Castlevania character who can control the direction of his falls, something that almost all characters would soon be able to do. I thought I would lament that Grant didn't throw knives all the time, and I'm gonna have to try the Japanese version one of these days (they should have let you enter a code to use the original Grant), but his stubby little knife worked just fine as long as you have hearts and a subweapon. It was kind of funny killing the skeleton from beneath a block that he couldn't reach me from. He struck me in the head several times badly, but it didn't register as a hit, so there. I enjoyed walking past the clock tower with Grant, neener. I went through the woods, then the swamp, then the water caves, or whatever it is called. Not too much memorable happened. I was surprised when I faced what appeared to be Dracula in that stage. I don't remember there being any other vampires besides Alucard and Dracula in this game. I wonder who that was? Gilles de Rais?? Olrox? Alucard gone batty because you didn't pick him to play as? Was Dracula just messing with you for a while? Oh well, I didn't beat him, and I suppose I'll never get the answer to that question. --Reinhart77 06:11, September 17, 2009 (UTC) Ok, I feel dumb now. I thought Alucard was one of the Phantom Bats all this time. I didn't realize you fought him like a vampire. Ack. I'll probably have to fix that misconception a few places in this Wiki.--Reinhart77 06:23, September 17, 2009 (UTC)
Wow, Alucard was real easy when you face him calmly and collectively, just a well aimed ax to head and a dagger thrust to fireballs repeatedly is all it takes, no need to jump around at all. Mummies are not my friend. Found a fun one-up in a candle below a block that falls apart. I suppose Grant might be able to get it if he climbs underneath the crumbling block and hits it with an knife while hanging upside down. I don't know if he can reach though. Got to the end of the level and faced the Skeleton Soldier King or whatever he's called. Didn't have much health though and I wasn't able to just simply throw knives at him from the ceiling, since his bones float around and hit me. Game over.--Reinhart77 06:56, September 18, 2009 (UTC)

Saving password for current location: HW-W -H-C W---

--Reinhart77 23:31, December 30, 2009 (UTC)

Dawn of Sorrow

Julius Mode

I decided to pick up my DS again. Actually, I wanted to play the game boy Castlevania: The Adventure game in anticipation of the ReBorn version, but couldn't find my Game Boy Advanced. That's okay, it was time to dust off the Nintendo DS, which was still in the backpack I had put it in during my 4th of July vacation (along with the PSP). Since a new handheld game has been coming out almost every year lately, I've found it difficult to actually get all of the things those games have to offer, since the next game's always been around the corner. But with the possibility of Iga's absense and perhaps no more Metroidvania games being created for a while, I thought it was time to get the full experience these games have to offer. I have a Julius Mode game that has been nearly finished ages ago, but I hadn't sealed the deal yet. The last time I played it, I had a hard time getting past Paranoia. One of the discouraging thing about Paranoia is that he's not located near a save point. You have to trek quite a distance after every defeat. Fortunately, it's fairly simple to skip all the enemies. I learned that when you jump past a succubus disguised as Yoko, that she tries to kick you. Heh. The best way to get by that line of fake Yokos is to jump past them and bounce on their heads with the drop kick move. Then Alucard can fly you up a few levels to get to Paranoia. One thing nice about playing against him in Julius Mode is that you can pause the screen easily to try to tell where his mirror beam is aiming. Julius with his boomerang was the best thing against the small version. I tried Julius with his Ax against the larger version, but couldn't do it. After some experimentation, I found that Yoko's Ice Spell was the best thing against his second form and he was handily beaten. After that, I had no idea where to go next, as most the map was already filled and there was only a couple places I could go where the map showed unexplored territory. I went to that big black misty room at the bottom of the big tower that's above the mineshaft, but killing Paranoia apparently didn't allow me to enter. I had fun checking out the different animations the characters used when warping. Julius used his cross super animation, Alucard used the animation he used in warp gates in SoTN, and Yoko just floated in the air with her arms crossed like a doofus. I then found one of the unexplored paths lead to the Bat Company, so I'll have to try to beat that next. Still, I have no idea what triggers the ability to go to the mines and later fight Soma, but I guess I'll figure it out sooner or later or else look on GameFAQs when I'm stuck.--Reinhart77 07:15, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Hard Mode

I'm a pretty good way into a hard mode (I had kept my stuff from the previous game). I kinda tire of having all sorts of options though and look forward to the presumably simpler ReBorn game. I made my way up to Zephyr in the Clock Tower. Got to watch the Flying Humanoid, but couldn't figure out if there's any way to kill it in the background. I didn't try anything fancy on Zephyr. Just used a Flying Armor (which seemed to throw his battle strategy off a bit), a Succubus Soul (there's lots of moments where he just stands around doing nothing, making him a ripe target), and a Katana of some sorts. I eventually "beat" him, but wasn't really mentally prepared to get draw the seal correctly, so I died.--Reinhart77 06:46, September 18, 2009 (UTC)
I took a brief respite against the battle with Zephyr as I wanted to get grounded again with where I was and what the game plan was. Basically, I WANT more souls and weapons, so I headed back to Hammer and Yoko's shops to see how far I was. I've decided that I'm NOT going to hit an enemy a million times in order to try to get its soul until I get the Soul Eater ring. However, I still have only about 130,000 gold out of the 300,000 gold I will need to get that ring. I am unwilling to sell anything that is not a duplicate or may be needed for future soul fusion, so that slows me down a bit. The hope is that after playing Hard Mode, I will have obtained enough rare items twice in order to sell them for high profits. So, I just need to continue playing the game normally. Once the Soul Eater ring is obtained, I'll need to try to hunt down every soul in order to get the Chaos Ring. Looks like I'll need to actually beat Hard Mode in order to get all the souls needed for the Chaos Ring, since that's the only way you can get the Hell Flame Soul. Then I'll be able to play no-weapon runs well. I'll have to return to my Zephyr battle now and just put an end to this game. --Reinhart77 23:38, September 19, 2009 (UTC)

Boss Rush Mode

I'm not interested at all in how fast I can beat Boss Rush mode. I'm much more interested in how far can I get when using a limited equipment and weapon set. I tried Boss Rush using my Hard Mode save. The rules I was playing by was that my equipment set had to follow some theme. The themes I had were:

  • Beast Theme: Student Witch, Warg, and/or Abaddon Tactical Souls; Manticore, Bat, and/or
  • Skeleton Theme: Skeleton and Yorick Tactical Souls; Quetzelcoatl and Bone Ark (useless) Guardian Souls; Bone Pillar and Skeleton Ape or Skelerang Enchant Souls
  • Fire Theme: Ukoback, Flame Demon, and/or Aguni Tactical Souls; White Dragon and Buer Guardian Souls
  • Plant Theme: Une and Mangragora Tactical Souls, Corpseweed Guardian Soul, (too bad I don't have the Skeleton Gardner soul...)
  • Hell Theme (not counting Hellfire): Guillotiner and Succubus or Malachi Tactical Soul; Devil or Mini Devil or Spin Devil Guardian Souls; Satan's Ring
  • Heaven Theme: Amaleric Sniper and Erinys Tactical Souls, Serenity Robe

If a slot doesn't follow the theme, it should be empty, except for a weapon. I used a Kotetsu for the weapon for each one. Other rules include never obtaining the energy orb after defeating an enemy and never using use items. I am going to have to make it a point to collect all of the souls one of these days like I did with Aria of Sorrow. Then my themes would be more complete. I'll also want to get things like a Flame Sword, but the weapon leveling up scheme does make it difficult to get one of each of the weapons. In most runs, I was able to make it to Dario, but unable to defeat him. Ironically, the only time I beat him was during the Fire Theme rush. I thought the fire wouldn't do any damage, but the Flame Demon soul proved effective and the extra life I had from defeating the Puppet Master with fire also helped. Dimitrii was always the comic relief of the run. Its so fun to seem him utilize the weapon in a completely useless manner, especially the Ukobeck soul and Yorick souls (saw how well the kick works against him in a fan video). I'll have to try these same themes in other games that have Boss Rush mode to see how they compare. --Reinhart77 08:47, September 19, 2009 (UTC)

Aria of Sorrow

Boss Rush Mode

Decided to play a round of Aria of Sorrow boss rush mode using the same themes I did during DoS's runs earlier. Fortunately, I have all of AoS's souls and most the items, so I can make the most out of the themes. These themes are:

  • Fire Theme: Ukoback or Flame Demon or Biphron or Fish Head or Werewolf Tactical Souls; Buer or Bone Pillar Guardian Soul; Laevatain; Armor of Fire; Flame Necklace
  • Water Theme: Merman Tactical Soul or Killer Fish Tactical Souls; Rahab's Sword; Armor of Water;
  • Lightning Theme: Lightning Doll Tactical Soul; Tallhammer or Gungner
  • Plant Theme: Mandragora or Une or Dryad Tactical Soul; Alura Une Guardian Soul; Wooden Golem Soul; Mystletain or Bamboo Sword
  • Skeleton Theme: Giant Skeleton or Skeleton Tactical Soul; Creaking Skull Guardian Soul; Skeleton Knight or Quetzelcoatl or White Dragon Souls; Skull Necklace
  • Modern Military Theme: Zombie Officer Soul; Army Jacket; Army Knife or Silver Gun

If a theme didn't have a primary weapon associated with it, Gram was used.--Reinhart77 23:38, September 19, 2009 (UTC)

Simon's Quest

First Run

See Simon's Quest First Run

No Continues Run

Simon's Quest is pretty simple if you know what you're doing and aren't worried about losing lives. I thought I'd try to play it without using any continues to see how far I can get. Unfortunately, it is way too easy to die falling off of a cliff, so I had to make up some rules about that so that the game wouldn't be "really" short. Basically, if I die falling off of a cliff, I would then kill myself enough times to force a continue. Then I would continue to kill myself until I had the same amount of lives as I did before the fall. This has the affect of restoring all your life, but at the expense of much of your hearts. I'm playing this run pretty conservatively, usually collecting the hearts needed to buy the upgraded whip or weapon before venturing into somewhat difficult areas. First thing to do was buy Holy Water, followed by the Thorn Whip and then get the White Crystal before venturing into Berkely Mansion. I was disappointed when I found that the Thorn Whip wasn't enough for me to be able to take on Berkeley Mansion without risking losing a life, so I had to save up for the Chain Whip and then with the extra long whip was able to defeat the mansion and get Dracula's Rib. The guide I made on this wiki seemed to help pretty well planning where to go next and I took the opportunity of another go at it to update some of the location pages. --Reinhart77 03:10, September 20, 2009 (UTC)
Played some more. Made it to Aljiba, got my blue crystal, then went to Rover Mansion. I was careful not to fall through the floor and received a hint. After that, I noticed there was a merchant below me and got excited and headed back left without thinking about the false floors and landed in some nasty spikes that took out half my life. I head to book it out of there and head back to Veros to get healed. I headed back and decided to enter the mansion at night to see if it was any harder. The enemies all died in one shot, so I figured there was no difference between night and day. Then I found out that additional enemies inhabited the place at night, including funny little bats, and my health went down about a third. Time to start over again and do it again during day time with full health, so I headed back to Veros again. I always have trouble with Spiders and was grateful I made it back with my life. I wonder if there's some kind of reward for entering a mansion at night? I know time stands still while in the mansions, there has to be something, or is it just that you can get more hearts easier?--Reinhart77 06:11, September 20, 2009 (UTC)

LCD Simon's Quest

I just bought the LCD Simon's Quest game yesterday at EBay (a birthday present to myself, in addition to the upcoming ReBirth title). Got it for a decent price too, about $26. While waiting for the game to get here, I decided to update its page with some details gleaned from the instruction manual. It was fun to compare it against the watch game. I'll have to try to find the Simon's Quest Watch Game one of these days in addition to the LCD Symphony of the Night game.--Reinhart77 03:55, September 21, 2009 (UTC)

Order of Shadows

No Death Run

I found myself with an hour to kill in my car at Arby's and lamented I didn't have a DS or PSP on me. But of course, I can always play a Castlevania game, since I have Order of Shadows on my cell phone. Say what you will about the game, I am happy about that. I was glad I was able to play the game with the volume turned on, most of the time I have to mute it because I'm in a public place. I finished up my previous "no death" game, where I basically just fought Rohan and Dracula. Bosses did kill me a couple times, but I don't think I died during the normal course of that game. One thing about OoS is that it doesn't really motivate you to try not to die. If you die, big deal, you start at the beginning of the "room" you were in and you get a fresh full heart meter. Whoopie. It should at least keep track of the number of times you die if it's going to be that easy so that you can try to minimize this number. Oh well. I turned on the classic music and was disappointed that no music played when you fight Dracula. They leave you with a big mystery at the end of the game, and I'll be just so sad if they don't follow the game up with something to explain it. OoS didn't seem to leave a good impression on most people, so this seems unlikely, so I am sad. My fan-ficcy explanation was that the force keeping Dracula's castle from falling apart was the Female Dracula shown in the unfinished Resurrection game.--Reinhart77 07:09, September 22, 2009 (UTC)

Super Castlevania IV

Hard Mode

I found my Wii Classic controller, so I had to take the occasion to play some Super Castlevania IV. I was somewhere in the middle of Hard Mode under the name "Simon" a long time ago, when my brother played over my game. I didn't think there were codes available online to get back to where I was in Hard Mode, but I was able to find some at GameFAQs. I'm not sure exactly where I left off, but I think it was the first stage inside the castle, so I started there. Wow, Hard Mode's tough when you're used to it being easy, it took me a while to warm up to it. I wasn't able to make it above the stairs in that area past the giant chandeliers in one game. I have to wonder how many of the things in this game are going to make it into Lords of Shadow.

Fan Games

See User:Reinhart77:Fan Games

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