aka Andy Matt

Dark Lord Vampire Hunter
  • I live in Twin Cities, Minnesota
  • My occupation is Software Engineer
  • I am Male
  • Reinhart77

    Testing page

    March 28, 2012 by Reinhart77


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  • Reinhart77


    December 30, 2010 by Reinhart77

    Just some notes to myself.

    • Google Translate

    Page Guide

    • Soma
    • Alucard
    • Jonathan
    • Shanoa
    • Charlotte
    • Julius
    • Yoko
    • Richter
    • Maria
    • Offensive Gear Guide
    • Defensive Gear Guide
    • Item Guide (Medicine/Food)
    • Shop Guide
    • Monster Guide
    • Treasure Chest Guide

    Links Kiyuhito sent:

    • Clear Feathers (Link)
    • Gekka(PS)
    • Concerto
    • Minuet
    • Castlevania(PS2)
    • Sougetsu
    • Yami no Juin
    • Gallery of Labyrinth
    • X Chronicle
    • Ubawareta Kokuin
    • DRACULA X - Library
    • Gekka(PS,SS)
    • Akumajo Dracuka Mokushiroku -Forever KCEK- (Link)
    • Mokushiroku
    • Mokushiroku Gaiden
    • COTM
    • Akumajo Dracuka Mokushiroku -Forever KCEK-: Akumajo Kaisekitou (Link)
    • X68000
    • Dark Night Prelude
    • Wikipedia (Japanese)
    • The Arcade
    • Dracula Densetsu Rebirth
    • Other
    • Judgment
    • HD
    • Lords of Shadow
    • Lords of Shadow
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  • Reinhart77

    Template Test Pages

    August 7, 2010 by Reinhart77

    This is a test page for templates.

    • Template:Item Table Begin - Template:Item Table Begin Backend / Template:Item Table Test Begin - Template:Item Table Test Begin Backend
    • Template:Item Table Row - Template:Item Table Row Backend / Template:Item Table Test Row - Template:Item Table Test Row Backend
    • Template:Item Table End
    • Template:Enemy Table Begin - Template:Enemy Table Begin Backend / Template:Enemy Table Test Begin - Template:Enemy Table Test Begin Backend
    • Template:Enemy Table Row - Template:Enemy Table Row Backend / Template:Enemy Table Test Row - Template:Enemy Table Test Row Backend
    • Template:Enemy Table Divider
    • Template:Enemy Table End

    Skeleton Soldier


    } |displayno=Casual Clothes }}

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  • Reinhart77

    Fan Games

    July 10, 2009 by Reinhart77

    I've played the following fan games:

    • Castlevania Hack Poisonous Offering
    • Castlevania: Opposing Bloodlines
    • Castlevania: Skel's Revenge
    • Castle VI
    • Castlevania: Dracula's Revenge
    • Castlevania: Fan Edition
    • Castlevania: Halloween 98
    • Castlevania: Morgoth G

    Castlevania I Hack Progress

    Hack Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
    Skel's Revenge Beaten Almost
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  • Reinhart77

    This page tracks my progress through my first complete run attempt of Simon's Quest for the Virtual Console.

    Simon's Quest is one of the few older Castlevania games that I have still not beaten. Growing up, I never owned this game, although I did own an NES. I rented this game once growing up and I believe I got about as far a Deborah's Cliff, but it is possible that I got stuck somewhere else earlier. Shortly after college, I had an emulated version of the game, but didn't play it very much. When I started making money, I bought all the Castlevania games in existence, including all three NES Castlevanias, but spent most of my time playing Dracula's Curse instead. My roommate at the time played it a lot (it was the only Castlevania gam…

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