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So we’ve narrowed the massive list of over 250 teams down to five with the help of the Castlevania admins, Chernabogue, Reinhart77, and Nagumo_baby, now it’s your turn to vote on the finalists and pick which Vampire Slaying Squad will reign supreme! See all the teams that applied!

Check out the poll below and pick your favorite team, the one with the most votes will be declared the winner! A big thanks to everyone who participated, and good luck to the finalists!

"Warriors of the Holy" by Ithan Mendes

The Slayerettes by M.J. Daniels

The End of Vampires (T.E.O.V) by A Wikia Contributor

Vampire Hunter Dream Team by OpenGet

Dracul's Bane by Sonny Red 1983

Which team is the Ultimate Vampire Slayer Squad?

The poll was created at 21:13 on February 11, 2014, and so far 793 people voted.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions to: Motley Crew, Miraculous Victors, Shadow Hunters, Team Olympus, Black Nights, Team-Stryke, [REDACTED], Forward Onto Dawn, Dark 30, Clan of Dawn, Team Crossover, BrimStone, Vae Victus, The Dark Slayers, BDB-Chester, Crimson Roses, Fang Breakers, the B-Team, Signs of the Cross, and Slayers-R-Us.

Check out the other submissions from Part 1 here!

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