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  • Nagumo baby

    DS-3 Gameboy Issue Scans

    February 18, 2017 by Nagumo baby

    I've decided to upload all the pages of the DS-3 issues that I own because they contain interesting information about many Konami games.


    • I noticed a lot of Konami gameboy that are sequels to Famicom games are given completely new names (Gradius >> Nemesis/Motorcross Champion >> Motorcross Maniacs/Akumajou Dracula >> Dracula Densetsu) Why is this?
    • This issue contains a small interview with "Dracula Yama-chan" (Yoshiaki Yamada), one of the programmers of Dracula Densetsu/The Adventure. ("Motorcross Nagae" is Katsuya Nagae, one of the programmers of the MSX version of Akumajou Dracula).
    • It seems the protagonist of Dracula Densetsu/The Adventure is refered to as Simon. It seems even in Japan they made this mistake.

    Please let me know if y…

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  • Nagumo baby

    "Emergency news report" regarding Akumajou Dracula (SCIV) from Famitsu. "シモン伝説再び!" (The Legend of Simon returns!). I don't think it contains any information we didn't know already, but it contains a lot of early screenshots.

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  • Nagumo baby

    I've decided to contribute some Castlevania-related scans from old magazines as well. The following is an advertisement for Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse/Akumajou Densetsu. I have not yet translated it, so I don't know if it contains any interesting information.

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  • Nagumo baby

    First I'll show the original text, followed by my direct translation. After that, I post a translation which sounds more natural in English, which is a more "creative" translation. Sometimes these lines are taken from the official translation of CotM. My own translations might contain some erros.


    The year is 1830
    At an old Austrian castle,
    the Demon King who commands the darkness
    was attempted to be revived
    by those who desire chaos.

    The year is 1830...
    The setting an old Austrian castle.
    The commander of evil forces,
    the Lord of Darkness,
    was attempted to be revived
    by those who desire chaos.

    カーミラ: 我は求める。 全ての苦しみ、邪悪を支配するものを!

    Carmilla: We desire you. The embodiment of suffering, he who rules evil!


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  • Nagumo baby

    Picture says it all:

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