The casltevania series has enjoyed a long twentey plus year run in gaming. The Belmont clan or a member should make a series return. The last true Belmont to take a lead role in the castlevania series was richter Belmont in 1996.The tittle has shifted in favor of more darker lead character rather than the holy powers of the Belmont clan instead we get to play as alucard the son of Dracula, Hector the devil forge master, Soma cruz the power of Dracula he posses to Dracula himself as lead character. Which is fine those titles are some of the best in history of the srires the Belmont clan can use a return to the series 2d or third dimension. The Belmonts in general have been brushed aside and received smaller roles in the series not making for critical storyline. The Belmont lineage should be restored to be taken to new heights as a whole looking into the series in retrospect the castlevania gaming has been about good vs evil. The Belmont clan has a history of slaying vampires and demons a like the fans of series have been enjoying the new direction of darker lead roles but the castlevania series has been sorely missing out Belmonts as lead characters. For a new generation of castlevania gamers this could be a great experience to enjoy.

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