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  • LaVey

    5,000th page!

    August 8, 2015 by LaVey

    Wow, we're nearing the 5,000th page! I guess I'll have a drink on all of you. Cheers! *HICCUP* *HICCUP*

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  • LaVey

    Celia Cruz?

    February 12, 2015 by LaVey

    Have you ever noticed that if Soma Cruz and Celia Fortner ever had a daughter, she'd most likely be named ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    (God, gotta stop smokin' that shit...)

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  • LaVey

    Succession template

    January 21, 2015 by LaVey

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  • LaVey

    Test for collapsible tables

    December 14, 2014 by LaVey

    Ecclesia (pronounced ecc-le-se-a) is one of many organizations founded in the 19th Century to oppose Dracula. It was founded and led by Barlowe, who had come into possession of the remains of Dracula's soul. He is the creator of Dominus, the glyph said to be able to defeat Dracula once and for all. Albus was the Chief Researcher of the organization, prior to his defection.

    Ecclesia is the first stage and Shanoa's home base in the game. She can go there to consult with her master, Barlowe, at any time during the game. It is here where Dracula's remains are kept and where the ritual to use Shanoa to host Dominus was held. This ritual was interrupted by Albus. As a result, Shanoa lost her memories and had to be trained again by Barlowe in order …

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  • LaVey

    Since the new Enemy Stats templates are now finished (thanks to Nagumo baby and Chernabogue, by the way), it has come to my attention that in the Japanese manuals of many of the games in the series, there are descriptions for each of the enemies listed. Wouldn't it be great to add a "Description" field to the templates for the older titles (mostly prior to Symphony of the Night) and add what comes in them?

    I can't speak/read/write Japanese, so I couldn't be the one to translate those texts (for me, all Japanese symbols look like how the sink of my bathroom looks after I shave, and I can't even order Chinese takeout without the guy on the phone yelling me a bunch of obscenities! XD), but I wanted to ask what you think and maybe do this in the…

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