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Pachnko from Curse of Darkness

  • Magical Halloween (released)
  • Akumajo Dracula (unknown status)
  • Silent Hill (unknown status)
  • Mahjong Fight Club (released)
  • Dororon Enma-kun (released)
  • High School DxD (collaboration project announced)
  • Sky Girls 2 (unknown trailer available)
  • Sengoku Collection 2 (released)
  • Senritsu no Stratus (released)
  • G1 Turf Winner (unknown status)
  • Silent Hill (unknown status)
  • Metal Gear Solid (unknown status)
  • EDIT: Pachislot Senritsu no Stratus announced.
  • EDIT2: September 11, Pachislot Dororon Enma-kun announced.
  • EDIT3: December 22, Pachislot Sengoku Collection 2 announced.
  • EDIT4: April 17, High School DxD collaboration project announced. Probably Pachislot.
  • EDIT5: June 5, Sky Girls unknown trailer available. Probably Pachislot.

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