Playable Characters
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Trevor Belmont
(Voiced by Richard Madden)
Gabriel's son, but raised by the Brotherhood of Light. He is 27 years old. His mother, Marie, prevented his father from ever knowing of his existence because, according to a prophecy, Trevor would be mankind's only hope against him when he becomes Dracula. Years later, Trevor was informed about his lineage, what happened to his mother, and that it was Gabriel who had murdered her. Therefore, he set off to Dracula's Castle for revenge.
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Simon Belmont
(Voiced by Alec Newman)
Trevor's son who witnessed the death of his parents by Dracula's forces at the age of six. He barely managed to escape and fled into the forest. He was found there by mountain folk, who raised him. Simon never forgot about what happened to his parents. Vowing vengeance upon those responsible, he trained hard and became gifted in combat. At the age of 36, Simon headed to the land of his birth, to seek out Dracula, and destroy him.
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(Voiced by Unknown)
A few is known about him, a terrifying vampire knight who fights with a powerful blade. He has a secret connection to the Vampire Lord.
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Gabriel Belmont[1]
(Voiced by Robert Carlyle)
Father of Trevor and Grandfather to Simon, Gabriel is only playable during a short prologue to the game.[2] This prologue is set before the events of Lords of Shadow.[3] Gabriel then becomes Dracula, the terrifying Prince of Darkness.

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