Playable Characters
Warriors of the Light
Image Name Game(s) Hyper Attack
Shimon 1280 1024
Simon Belmont
(The wielder of the Holy Whip)
Castlevania, Super Castlevania IV, Castlevania Chronicles, Simon's Quest Vampire Killer (Simon)
Ralph 1280 1024
Trevor Belmont
(The man who defeated Dracula for the first time)
Dracula's Curse, Curse of Darkness Vampire Killer (Trevor)
Grant DaNasty
(The most agile man in Valachia)
Dracula's Curse Million Edge
Sypha 1280 1024
Sypha Belnades
(A witch who made deals with spirits)
Dracula's Curse Desintegrate
Maria 1280 1024
Maria Renard
(A girl with mastery over animals)
Rondo of Blood/Dracula X/Dracula X Chronicles, Symphony of the Night Group Cooperation
Eric Lecarde
(A boy entrusted with the devil's spear)
Bloodlines, Portrait of Ruin Alucard Spear
(Glyph Master who was deprived of her memory and emotions)
Order of Ecclesia Glyph of Gales
Warriors of the Night
Image Name Game(s) Hyper Attack
Alucard 1280 1024
(The half vampire son of Dracula)
Dracula's Curse, Symphony of the Night Inferno Blade
Carmilla 1280 1024
(A female vampire who loves to bathe in blood)
Simon's Quest, Circle of the Moon Heaven's Gate
Golem 1280 1024
(An artificial being that has an unnatural soul)
Castlevania series Shock Beam
Cornell 1280 1024
(A beast man who is under an ancient curse)
Legacy of Darkness Blue Crescent Moon
Death 1280 1024
(A god who swears his allegiance to Dracula)
Castlevania series Hell's Gate
Dracula 1280 1024
(The Lord of Darkness)
Castlevania series Demonic Megiddo
Aeon 1280 1024
(The Guardian of Time)
Judgment Requiem of the 13th Hour

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