Harmony of Despair Characters
Starting Characters
Image Name Game Weapon(s) Special Abilities
Soma HD Soma Cruz Aria of Sorrow & Dawn of Sorrow Various weapons Can capture and harness enemy souls
Alucard HD Alucard Castlevania III & Symphony of the Night Swords & Various weapons Wields Dark Magic upon finding spell scrolls & Transform into mist
Jonathan HD Jonathan Morris Portrait of Ruin Vampire Killer whip Can use various sub-weapons
Charlotte HD Charlotte Aulin Portrait of Ruin Spellbook Can bind monsters magic to her book and use them in the form of spells
Shanoa HD Shanoa Order of Ecclesia Glyphs Can use Glyphs, especially Magnes
DLC Characters
Image Name Game Weapon(s) Special Abilities
Julius Belmont HD Julius Belmont Aria of Sorrow & Dawn of Sorrow Vampire Killer whip He is capable of using traditional sub-weapons, and Shanoa's Magnes points in the game by latching onto them with his whip, and swinging from them.
Yoko HD Yoko Belnades Aria of Sorrow & Dawn of Sorrow Belnades Staff Uses her magic spells from Dawn of Sorrow, but cannot jump-kick
Richter Harmony of Despair Richter Belmont Rondo of Blood & Symphony of the Night Vampire Killer whip Uses Martial Arts
Maria Renard HD Maria Renard Rondo of Blood Doves Fights using the Mortal Incarnations of the Four Chinese Seasonal Gods.
Shimon-1- Simon Belmont Castlevania Vampire Killer whip Fights old school style (retro sub-weapons & whip)
Gepu-1- Getsu Fuma Getsu Fūma Den Pulse Blade Can use exclusive War Drums, Hexplosives, Throwing Stars and Mashō no Koma

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