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Harmony of Despair Chapters
Basic Chapters
Image Num. Name Music Boss Hidden Item Release
Cradle Ch.01 Caught in the Cradle of Decay Ruined Castle Corridor
(Aria of Sorrow)
Gergoth Bell Basic game
Strings Ch.02 Lord of Unseen Strings After Confession
(Dawn of Sorrow)
Puppet Master Crown Basic game
Chaos Ch.03 The End of Chaos Phantom of Fear
(Harmony of Despair)
Menace Moai Basic game
Violence Ch.04 Esquisse of Violence Gaze Up at the Darkness
(Portrait of Ruin)
Brauner Goemon Basic game
Blade Ch.05 Song of the Unslakable Blade Ebony Wings
(Order of Ecclesia)
Death Vic Viper Basic game
Hour Ch.06 Come, Sweet Hour of Death The Colossus
(Order of Ecclesia)
Dracula Konami Man Basic game
DLC Chapters
Image Num. Name Music Boss Hidden Item Release
7hd Ch.07 Beauty, Desire, Situation Dire Hail from the Past
(Portrait of Ruin)
Astarte Vick13 September 29th, 2010
Xbox Live - 400 MSP
PSN - Basic game[1]
Img 04 Ch.08 The One Who Is Many Lost Painting
(Symphony of the Night)
Legion Lucky Cat January 12th, 2011
Xbox Live - 320 MSP
PSN - $3.99
Img 05 Ch.09 Lord of Flies Dracula's Castle
(Symphony of the Night)
Beelzebub Twin Bee January 19th, 2011
Xbox Live - 320 MSP
PSN - $3.99
Img 06 Ch.10 Origins Vampire Killer
R. The Count Crown January 26th, 2011
Xbox Live - 240 MSP
PSN - $2.99
Img 07-1- Ch.11 The Legend of Fuma Go! Getsu Fuma
(Order of Ecclesia)
Ryukotsuki Facade Card February 2nd, 2011
Xbox Live - 240 MSP
PSN - $2.99

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