Playable Characters
Image Name Information
Trevor Belmont
(ラルフ・C・ベルモンド Ralph C. Belmondo)
The last of the legendary Belmont family and genuine Vampire Hunter. His Clan had been driven out of the land centuries ago because the people feared their strong supernatural powers. (...)
Sypha Belnades
(サイファ・ヴェルナンデス Cipher Fernandez)
Sypha is a priestess who disguised herself as an apprentice monk and uses the power of the elements. She had been dispatched on a secret mission to infiltrate Dracula's demon castle, but failed when captured by a Cyclops and turned to stone. (...)
Grant DaNasty
(グラント・ダナスティ Grant Dăneşti)
A carefree rebel and thief from the town of Warakiya. He had been plotting to overthrow Count Dracula, but he and his comrades were no match for his army. (...)
(アルカード Alucard)
The son of Count Dracula. He changed his name to Alucard as a sign that he opposed his father's way of life, and infiltrated the underground of Wallachia when Dracula dispatched his armies. (...)
(ドラキュラ Dracula)
The Lord of the Vampires who became a Devil worshiper after the death of his second wife. (...)

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