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Simon Belmont
(シモン・ベルモンド Simon Belmondo)
Simon Belmont is a 24 year old Vampire Hunter, and a descendant of Christopher Belmont, the legendary hero who killed Count Dracula in 1591. When the family's nemesis resurrected yet again due to a black mass ritual conducted by a group of cultists, Simon takes the mysterious whip passed down to him from his father, and sets out to seal away the evil Vampire. [1] [2]
(ドラキュラ Dracula)
The Prince of darkness. The last time he was brought back into the world, it was completely covered in darkness, but his ambitions were crushed when Christopher Belmont set out to defeat him. Peace returned to the countryside of Transylvania for one hundred years, but when exactly one century had passed, the power of Christ weakened, and the hearts of men turned black, praying for the resurrection of Count Dracula. He rests in the Castle's highest floor, awaiting the arrival of the Belmont Clan. [2]

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