Looking at the more original monsters in (and around) Dracula's castle, we come to the most punctual demon around, Aria of Sorrow's Chronomage. This Alice in Wonderland-inspired bunny sports the trimmest ascot and monocle this side of Mr. Howell. And he's a pain to get around unless you have the Galamoth soul to stop him from freezing time and running away. I have to give points for the use of punctuation marks when he sees you too.

But what I really like is the level of detail in the sprite. He has a monocle on one eye, so that when he turns his head, you only see it on one side! And when he gets surprised, the monocle drops to the floor with its chain. Granted, its hard to see when fighting him (its quite clear in his beastiary page) but that impressed me considering the GBA's limitations. Soma's sprite doesn't even have facial features and the Chronomage still manages the have a monocle on a chain show. The irony is, even when the chain falls off, the sprite still has it on his eye (you can tell because the eye is supposed to be all red whereas the monocle makes it look brown)! Oops!

And surprise of surprises, Chronomage appears more than once. He makes a cameo in Soma's sequal "Dawn of Sorrow" as an shadow on a pillar. Go to the first room of Silenced Ruins without the Zephyr soul to see a cannon go off, releasing a cannonball...until time stops because of the small shadowed bunny you might be inclined to miss.

So what do people think of the second weirdest monster on the list? Opinions, feedback, all responses welcome, let me know what you think. I might just cover what you think is Castlevania's weirdest monster!

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