Rare ghost

demon or novice opera singer...?

Hey, here's a blog on Castlevania's weirder inhabitants. Sure, everyone knows it has vampires and werewolves. Another Frankenstein's Creature? Yawn! But what the heck is a Tsuchinoko doing in the castle? And Schmoo? Bet that drew question from Alucard when he first ran into it. These are the odder followers of Dracula, the ones that usual appear only in one game, and its about time they got some attention.

The first post is dedicated to the most frustrating enemy in Harmony of Dissonance. Frustrating because it hardly ever appears--you can go through the entire game twice and not see it--yet when you do, its just too cute to kill. Number 79 in the bestiary but number 1 in our hearts is the Rare Ghost. Not only does this little fellow shriek (with exclaimation marks no less!) and run away, but the snazzy dresser lives up to his name as being perhaps the rarest monster in the series to come across. You have to give the designers points for originality on this one.

And isn't the originality what's great about the series? Sure, most of them end with an epic battle against one vampire or another, but you have to love the monsters that come out of left field with the most unusual appearance or abilities. Every game in the series has at least one, I wonder which will be talked about next!

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