• Boldreporter

    Weirdest monsters II

    November 13, 2010 by Boldreporter

    Looking at the more original monsters in (and around) Dracula's castle, we come to the most punctual demon around, Aria of Sorrow's Chronomage. This Alice in Wonderland-inspired bunny sports the trimmest ascot and monocle this side of Mr. Howell. And he's a pain to get around unless you have the Galamoth soul to stop him from freezing time and running away. I have to give points for the use of punctuation marks when he sees you too.

    But what I really like is the level of detail in the sprite. He has a monocle on one eye, so that when he turns his head, you only see it on one side! And when he gets surprised, the monocle drops to the floor with its chain. Granted, its hard to see when fighting him (its quite clear in his beastiary page) but …

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  • Boldreporter

    Weirdest monsters

    November 11, 2010 by Boldreporter

    Hey, here's a blog on Castlevania's weirder inhabitants. Sure, everyone knows it has vampires and werewolves. Another Frankenstein's Creature? Yawn! But what the heck is a Tsuchinoko doing in the castle? And Schmoo? Bet that drew question from Alucard when he first ran into it. These are the odder followers of Dracula, the ones that usual appear only in one game, and its about time they got some attention.

    The first post is dedicated to the most frustrating enemy in Harmony of Dissonance. Frustrating because it hardly ever appears--you can go through the entire game twice and not see it--yet when you do, its just too cute to kill. Number 79 in the bestiary but number 1 in our hearts is the Rare Ghost. Not only does this little fellow shriek…

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