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Une (also called Thornweeds) are plant enemies that typically lie in wait for the player to encounter them, often lying dormant as a seed. Upon detecting the player the Une sprouts forth, tentacles waving in the hope of coming into contact with the player so as to drain their blood. Une are common hazards in the games they feature and are encountered early on, no doubt because of their low health and attack.

Une also seem capable of taking on a myriad of other forms. An Une which has feasted on a surplus of blood may become an Alura Une (also called Venus Weeds), a much more powerful enemy which resembles a woman residing in a giant rose. Some Une may attach to a human rather than feeding from them, using them as a host to gain mobility and spread Une seeds, this form is known as a Chosen Une and may be based on the archetype 'swamp creature'. Corpseweed, another common enemy resembles an undead head dangling from a vine which protrudes from an Une.

The Creeping Corpse enemy found in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow may be based on the Une and the Chosen Une.


In all appearances, une are nothing more than a minor nuisance. Crouching and attacking will take care of them quickly. They're generally weak against fire.


Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Une
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Thornweed 23. Une  [ edit ]
Super Castlevania IV (Strategy)
' HP: 48
Exp: 100
Atk: 3
2. Forest/Lake/River, 3. Cavern/Waterfall/Moat, 8. The Dungeons
Thornweed-1- 17. Thornweed  (Une) [ edit ]
Symphony of the Night
Plant with razor-sharp leaves. Strong: Hit
Weak: Fire
Level: 5
HP: 12
Exp: 20
Drop: Grapes, Strawberry
Abandoned Pit to the Catacomb, Black Marble Gallery, Catacombs, Long Library, Underground Garden (Saturn only), Cave
Aos une 62. Une  [ edit ]
Aria of Sorrow
Plant-like monster that assaults its prey with thorn-covered leaves.Abil: Can duplicate.
Strong: Nothing
Weak: Flame
HP: 10
MP: 10
Exp: 10
Atk: 32
Def: 1
Drop: Nothing
Soul: Nature Mine
Chapel, Underground Reservoir
OOE-Une 17. Une  [ edit ]
Dawn of Sorrow (Strategy)
An eerie plant that feeds on blood. Strong: Lightning
Weak: Slashing, Fire, Stone
HP: 12
MP: 1
Exp: 12
Atk: 20
Timestop: Affected
Soul: Mixed Set (20%)
Garden of Madness, Subterranean Hell
Une 12. Une  [ edit ]
Portrait of Ruin (Strategy)
An eerie plant that feeds on blood. Strong: Electric
Weak: Slash, Fire, Stone
HP: 10
Exp: 5
Skill Pt: 1
Drop: Strawberry
Buried Chamber
OOE-Une 10. Une  [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia (Strategy)
This plant's diet of blood results in odd mutations. Strong: Thunder, Light
Weak: Slash, Flame
HP: 1
Exp: 1
Skill Pt: 1
Atk: 14
Ruvas Forest, Argila Swamp
OOE-Une 13. Une  [ edit ]
Harmony of Despair (Strategy)
An eerie plant that feeds on blood. Strong: Lightning, Holy
Weak: Fire, Darkness
Soul: Red (4.30%) Plant Une in the ground.
Chapter 2

Soul DataEdit

Item Data: Une
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Une - Harmony of Despair [ edit ]
Plant an Une in the ground Bullet Soul
Consume: 5 MP  ATK +4
Rarity: *
Steal: Une (4.3%)


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