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The Underground Caves is the second level of the second chapter of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The level's unlockable trial requires that Gabriel finishes the level after killing at least two enemies while poisoned by spider venom.

Zobek's JournalEdit

"He is becoming stronger with every step he takes; his prowess in battle is undeniable. He will need it now. Goblins are one thing, but there are other creatures in the dark places of the world, creatures who know nothing of his plight but fight for their very survival. Many fallen brothers are testament to this; indeed their bleached bones adorn the tortuous tunnels in this God-forsaken place. He runs ever onward into peril. I wonder who the prey is and who the hunted; perhaps when the time comes these creatures will know fear as they look into the eye of their quarry. Go my friend, save your love!"

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Underground Caves
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
LoS Werewolf Rendered Lesser Lycanthrope  - see also Werewolf [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow (Strategy)
These creatures are humans that have been poisoned with an infectious disease known as the "Werewolf Influenza".(...) Strong: Holy Water x2
Weak: Dagger x3, Fairy, Divine Shield, Crystal x3
Size: Medium
Difficulty: Low
Chapters 1 (bestiary in Besieged Village), 2, 3
LoS Goblin Goblin  [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow (Strategy)
These diminutive, mischievous and crabby creatures usually avoid contact with humans. (...) Strong: Holy Water x2
Weak: Dagger, Fairy, Crystal x3
Size: Small
Difficulty: Low
Chapters 1 (bestiary in The Dead Bog), 2, 5
LoS Spider rendered Giant Spider  - see also here [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow (Strategy)
These monsters are the largest type of known arachnids. (...) Strong: Fairy, Holy Water x2, Divine Shield
Weak: Dagger, Crystal x3
Size: Big
Difficulty: Medium
Drop: Light Gem (once)
Chapter 2, 6

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Underground Caves
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Light Magic Gem Icon Light Magic Gem - Lords of Shadow [ edit ]
(Blue magical gems that can be inserted into the empty slots of a Light Gem Medallion.) Gabriel  Find: Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Spiked Chain Icon Spiked Chain - Lords of Shadow [ edit ]
With the spiked chain, the Combat Cross can be used to saw through obstacles and to 'tame' dangerous monsters.(...) Gabriel  Find: Underground Caves


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