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The Undead Parasite appears as a boss in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Of note is that this particular enemy has its own musical theme, aptly titled Bizarre Room.


It is recommended to have the Holy Water sub-weapon before entering the Boss Room as it deals continuous amounts of damage in a small area. The player must first destroy the four eyes found on the corners of the room while trying to avoid contact with the snake-like monster. Several holes in the walls of the room serve as the passageways of the snake, and it can damage Leon by simply having a contact, or by breathing fire in an arc. Attempting to attack it is useless, as the four eyes should be given priority.

After the four eyes have been destroyed, a "core" will spawn at the center of the room, along with the boss's HP bar. Likewise, the player should use Holy Water on it as much as possible before it randomly reappears on one of the four holes. Aside from the snake, enemies will continuously spawn from the ground. They can immediately attack Leon by the time they appear. However, they have a small health.

When the "core" has run out of health, all other enemies present in the room will be destroyed. The Blue Orb, and a portal to Rinaldo's shop will appear.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Undead Parasite and Soulless
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
074 74. Undead Parasite  [ edit ]
Lament of Innocence
Undead infested by parasites from working on constructing the filthy Great Shrine. Weak: Holy Water, Cross
HP: 1,200
Drop: Blue Orb
House of Sacred Remains
066 66. Soulless  [ edit ]
Lament of Innocence
A soulless human brought into being by an Undead Parasite. Weak: Fire, Holy Water, Cross
HP: 30
House of Sacred Remains
067 67. Soulless  [ edit ]
Lament of Innocence
A soulless human brought into being by an Undead Parasite. Weak: Fire, Holy Water, Cross
HP: 30
House of Sacred Remains

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Undead Parasite
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Blue Orb Blue Orb (jpn) - Lament of Innocence [ edit ]
Magical Orb: Glows Blue. Orb
Leon Belmont 
Drop: Undead Parasite
Special: Needle Claws (Knife), Spinning Edge (Axe), Energy Gazer (Holy Water), Divine Cross (Cross), Hail Crystal (Crystal), Shock Pumpkin (Pumpkin)


  • The mechanics and strategy required for defeating this boss is very similar to the second form of Chaos in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. This involves destroying four eyes at the corner of the room in order to expose the vulnerable core, while being attacked by a snake-like monster. The only difference is that additional monsters spawn from the ground in Lament of Innocence.
  • When defeating a boss, the room where Leon fought him/her will retain the same look. However, if the player returns to the Undead Parasite's room, it will completely revert back to normal, resembling most of the other rooms.

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