Tsuchinoko is an enemy in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. It is a mythical snake-like cryptid that can spit poison and escape by quickly burrowing underground.


Tsuchinoko - 01

Concept art of a tsuchinoko.

The tsuchinoko is a legendary creature from Japan. It appears to be a snake with an arrow shaped head, tapered tail and wide body. Many people disagree over what it could be: a new species of snake, a pit viper that is digesting a meal, a skink, or some other creature. Rumors of its existence continue today and many have posted hefty rewards for a tsuchinoko's body.


Found in the Dance Hall, in the room after the Big Golem boss. Most of the times the Tsuchinoko will not appear, though, so the player may have to keep reentering the room on numerous occasions until it finally spawns.


Most of the times, the Tsuchinoko will not even show up, although occasionally it may be found burrowing underground. If Soma can catch it while it still is above ground, he will have a short amount of time to kill it before it escapes. Its one attack is a poisonous spit.

Of all the non-boss monsters in the game, it has the fifth highest chance of giving over its soul (after Sky Fish, Kicker Skeleton, Flame Demon and Succubus), although this is still a low drop rate and can take several attempts before it finally yields it. Its soul grants the V.I.P. ability, which allows Soma to get discounts at Hammer's shop.

Enemy DataEdit

36 Tsuchinoko 300 100 80
Attack Defense Tolerance Weakness Time Stop
30 25 - Curse
Location Common Drop Rare Drop Soul
Dance Hall - - V.I.P.
Description "A mythical snake proven to exist by Soma Cruz in 2035."


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