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The environment is arid and mostly devoid of life
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Tristis Pass is a location in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.

Game DescriptionEdit

"A rough path cut through the mountains, Tristis is said to be a march of the dead. The road winds through caverns rumored to glow an eerie blue, from countless tears shed in grief for the lost."


  • Irina can be found in this stage by breaking a wall on the left side of the waterfall room. The waterfall must be unfrozen first, however, by absorbing the Vol Grando glyph located at the top.
  • Tom can also be found in this stage once Irina has returned to Wygol Village and Anna gives her first quest. He can be located perching atop one of the tallest trees at the third room of Tristis (entering from the left).
  • The second quest for Daniela's Sketch Book item can still be completed even if the waterfall is still frozen.


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