Bioquimek Tower
For areas referred to as "clock towers", see Clock and Machine Towers.

Towers are a recurring type of environment in the Castlevania series.


Perhaps the most memorable appearance of a tower in the series is The Leaning Tower of Pisa from Castlevania: Bloodlines, in which the whole level takes place while climbing both the tower's interiors and exteriors. Other times, however, towers only conform a small section of a level, which makes them one of the most frequently used layouts in Castlevania. Yet some other times a series of towers connected between each other by bridges or tight walkways must be traversed consecutively.

As one would expect, these areas emphasize heavily on climbing and platforming through narrow spaces, with the always impending danger of dying abruptly because of a single misstep. Some of the most characteristic enemies encountered in these locations are Medusa Heads and Flying Skeletons, who fly slowly up and down from one edge of the screen to the other in endless waves. For the aforementioned reasons, maneuverability to fight them can be severely compromised; however, receiving a hit while climbing a set of stairs will usually prevent the hero from being knocked down to their untimely death.

A boss usually awaits at the top of the tower, and defeating it generally means the end of the level or allows access to a valuable item which grants further progress in other parts of the castle.


Stages that have the main layout of a tower or which contain relevant towers within them:

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