The Tower of Evermore (called The Tower of Infinity in the Japanese version) is a secret location in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness and serves as an endurance stage similar to the Battle Arena or the Nest of Evil from other games in the series.


The base of the tower is located near the beginning of Garibaldi Temple, although there's no way to enter it from the bottom. The Tower of Evermore can only be accessed by having a Bird-Type Innocent Devil with the Long Glide ability, and flying off the top of the Tower of Eternity toward the moon. A Magical Ticket can be found once at the top of the tower.

The player will immediately notice the enemies in the Tower of Evermore are much stronger than those found in the Tower of Eternity. It is a fifty-stories building with nothing but enemies in almost every room, and there is no way to exit unless making use of either a Magical Ticket or a Memorial Ticket. Contrary to the Tower of Eternity, in the Tower of Evermore Hector will have to fight his way back down to ground level.

Two main rewards can be obtained by successfully traversing the tower:

Floors layoutEdit


  • Both the Tower of Eternity and the Tower of Evermore feature almost every enemy the player can encounter in the game. There are some exceptions, however. The following enemies are those who aren't present in any of the towers:
  • Spirit Lv.32 is the only enemy to appear on both Towers.
  • In Crazy Mode, for some reason, the Fleamen Lv75 at 1F are missing.

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