Judgment-Torture Chamber
For the general environment, see Dungeons and Torture Chambers.

The Torture Chamber is a stage in Castlevania Judgment. It consists of a giant scythe-like pendulum in the middle, spikes frequently appearing from the black holes on the ground, a pool filled with poison, and a rolling grinder. There are also four candles for the player to destroy.


  • The scythe-like pendulum is the most dangerous hazard, since it will send the player flying right into the poison pool.
  • The spikes are easy to avoid just by not standing on the black hole tiles.
  • The rolling grinders on the back are not much of a threat unless the player walks right into them or somehow gets pushed there by an enemy combo.


CJ Story Mode-Aeon Pt 209:44

CJ Story Mode-Aeon Pt 2

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