Timeless Vision
is an ability used by Alucard in Revelations.

With this technique, Alucard can reconstruct items and his environment in Dracula's Castle. This ability comes from the fact that Alucard memorized every room in the castle during the centuries he explored it.

When used, a timer will appear. When it reaches zero, the item will get back to its destroyed/collapsed nature.


Centuries after finishing off Dracula, Alucard continued to recreate in his mind each one of the rooms in the castle he then visited. Trying to remember every wall, every door and every statue, suspecting that one day it would be very useful to him. He wasn't mistaken, as with the return of his father, the castle, too, rose up again from the rubble. Now he is the only one who, like his father, has the necessary link to return the splendor to every corner of the fortress, projecting his memories and making the image he retains of them tangible.


Guest HouseEdit

  • A collapsed wall in Trevor's Room
  • A mechanical saw on the ground
  • A section of a platform (to give access to the Spectral Wolf)
  • A Navigator

Forbidden AreaEdit

  • A section of a platform (to give access to the Bat Cloud)
  • A mechanism
  • A big crate floating in blood
  • A shield
  • A Navigator

Other AreasEdit


  • Even if Alucard never visited the Forbidden Area, he can still use this ability on various items in this area.
  • Concept art viewable in-game shows an image of Dracula using Timeless Vision, implying that it was meant to be given to him in the main game; the power belonging to Dracula, who has a spiritual bond with the castle, would make more sense than Alucard having memorized the layout of a castle that explicitly changes shape all the time, and the presence of the lifeless Navigators in the main game indicates that they were meant to be the fast travel system, not the Map Rooms, and that the ability was cut and replaced with something else.



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