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For the general environment, see Throne Rooms.

The Throne Room is the intro area of the castle in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Dracula begins the game sitting on his throne waiting for the Brotherhood Soldiers to breach his castle. Upon exiting the room, he witnesses the army from his balcony. There he does battle with a Paladin and takes down the Siege Titan. Afterwards, in the ruined courtyard below. Dracula defeats the Paladin, invoking the Great Explosion.

This room also appears in the Revelations section of the game, when Dracula recovers the Book of Dracul and his lost memories.


Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Throne Room (Tutorial)
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Brotherhood Soldier  - see also Sword Armor [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow 2
The tough physical and mental training they are given makes them very efficient in close combat, providing them with iron-clad determination. (...) Castle Siege
Golden-Paladin Paladin  - see also Sniper of Goth [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow 2
Only the purest heart, capable of showing absolute determination and an unswerving faith, will be recognized as God's chosen one. (...) Castle Siege
SiegeTitanPrologue Siege Titan  [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow 2
It is a giant wood and metal automaton, inspired by the stone giants that the forces of Agharta commanded in the Necromancer Wars. (...) Castle Siege


  • It serves as the tutorial section of the game where the player learns the basics of combat and platforming.
  • Since Dracula is the protagonist of Lords of Shadow 2, the player begins in the Throne Room in an ironic inverse of the classic games where it traditionally serves as the last level.
  • It is never explained how the Brotherhood knights were able to lift the battering ram used to break down the door into the castle, as there do not appear to be any doors in-game or in the concept art, and the hallway before the door is split by a chasm. It is possible that the Siege Titan was used to bring the ram up, but the means of getting it over the chasm remain unrevealed.
  • In the modern day, Dracula's Throne Room was converted into Castlevania City's Basilica.

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