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Doppel This page is about the stage. For the general environment, see Throne Room.

Judgment-Throne Room

The Throne Room is a stage in Castlevania: Judgment and is most likely in the Castle Keep. It is lined by Axe Armors in the balconies (who do not attack) and a Dracula's throne.

When playing in Castle Mode and players get to battle a main character on this stage, sometimes the opponent won´t follow the player way to the back where the picture of Dracula hangs. This allows for safe use of long range sub-weapons such as the charged Axe or charged Gale Wing. The only exception is Dracula, whom will use his Fire Pillar attack in order to reach your character.


Castlevania Judgement Cornell Castle Mode Final Boss04:36

Castlevania Judgement Cornell Castle Mode Final Boss

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